Get Your Alliance Character To 60 In A Week

by Jason Frovich - Date: 2007-01-19 - Word Count: 407 Share This!

You may have looked around on the internet for WoW power leveling guides and come up empty-handed or left with a generic guide that wasn't worth your money. If you want to level your character up to 60 in a matter of days, check out Brian Kopp's Alliance Power Leveling Guide.

Brian Kopp started playing World of Warcraft the day it was released and studied every area and quest to find out which quests are the best and fastest way to go. Quests are faster for leveling, so about 80% of the time you will be questing. The other time spent is grinding but that is unavoidable and it's not even a large amount of time at all.

This World of Warcraft leveling guide is excellent for any level of player, from beginner to very experienced. You can use it either casually when you need a tip on where to go or you can follow every step in the guide exactly.

A few things to keep in mind is not to waste your time on certain quests. Quests that have you look for a certain item or a person shouldn't be bothered with. Elite quests, especially ones that are found in instances, for the most part take up too much time. Just stick with the quests which have you kill mobs to gather a number of items. This way you're gaining experience while doing your quest for the big reward.

This WoW power leveling guide shows you what quests to accept and exactly where to go, every single step of the way. You will get to level 60 in less than a week of playing time and he guarantees it with a 200% refund if you are not satisfied! This guide is for soloing so you don't need to worry about finding groups or having your friends keep up with you, because they probably won't be able to.

Included is a link to the UI mod Brian uses to make the guide even more integrated with the game. It comes with map coordinates so you know exactly where to go without having to guess. This guide uses completely legitimate tips and tricks to get you leveled in such a short time.

What's great is that all the updates are free when you buy this WoW power leveling guide. With the updates you get the Burning Crusade guide when it comes out as well as the class guides and updates to the main guide.

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