Kids Halloween Party Ideas

by Lindsay Crawford - Date: 2010-11-19 - Word Count: 496 Share This!

Hard to believe Halloween is just around the corner already. This is a very popular holiday especially for children. It's a fun time where you can use your wild imagination and dress up into something different. You have been hearing your children talk for months now about what they want to be and changing their minds every other day. So what better way to help you children celebrate the spirit of October than to have a kids Halloween party? I had great memories as a child bobbing for apples, making caramel apples, trick-or-treating, and dressing up. Here are some ideas that I have put together to help you plan a perfect children's Halloween party that no one will forget.

Decorations- One of the most important things at your party is the decorations. It really sets the mood for the night. You can go to your local party store and get black and orange streamers and drape them across the ceilings. You can also hang paper pumpkins, witches, ghosts, etc…from the streamers. Add flashing lights and black lights around the party area. Also, you could decorate you yard with tombstones, pumpkins, scarecrow, ghosts, etc. This is a great idea that will get the kids very excited upon their arrival. Don't forget to have Halloween music playing at your party. You can have scary music like the monster mash, or the creepy organ music. If you are having a party for younger children, there is even fun and upbeat Halloween music.

Games- One obvious thing you can do is a costume-judging contest. Every child loves to show off their costume. One fun idea you can do is have children model their costume. You can even make a small runway. Make sure you are able to give each child an award so no one will get his or her feelings hurt. You'll easily be able to pick the scariest, cutest, and most original. Just don't let any child walk away empty handed. Another fun game you can do is a Halloween candy hunt. This will be a big hit, especially with the younger kids. Also, you can bob for apples, make caramel apples, carve pumpkins, or have a Halloween piñata.

Food- What party wouldn't be complete without food? With a kids Halloween party you can go wild and create some delicious refreshments. Make fun cupcakes and decorate with pumpkins, Halloween sprinkles, or and colored icing. Also, have popcorn in a fun decorated bowl and throw in gummy spiders. A popular Halloween dessert is dirt cake. You put vanilla pudding in a pan topped with crushed Oreos. Make it like a graveyard decorating it with tombstones, worms, and pumpkins.

So you had a bunch of activities to keep your guests happy during your Halloween party, but just in case things start to get out of control, have a couple of kid friendly videos available. I hope these suggestions can get you on your way to having the best Halloween party ever. Best of luck!!

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