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by Rakhi Chowdhary - Date: 2008-10-31 - Word Count: 632 Share This!

Change is the way of life and adaptation is necessary in this ever changing world. Organizations are also changing their policies to adapt with the changing market trends in this digital economy. The best way out to remain at the forefront and ahead of your competitors you need to concentrate on core activities and remain focused on that and I have found outsourcing resources is the best solution. There are outsourcing firms which globally hire PHP programmers from web development companies to get the development work done at very low cost. Outsourcing paradigm best fits into today's techno-driven, business-centric web world. Many companies from various industries are deploying this business strategy all over the world for continuous growth and development.

Why outsourcing is required these days??? Small and middle sized enterprises (SMEs) have tight budget and developing a web application may require huge amount which may be out of their pocket. Outsourcing has emerged as a result of increased competition in the market, globalization, online marketing, digitalization, advancement in technology. Outsourcing provides resources at low cost and quality result in less time, better customer satisfaction and also core competency. If you are looking for getting your work done at low cost, good quality, at the same wish to concentrate on your core activities without loosing your potential customers start looking for your outsourcing partner. PHP is gradually becoming popular in web development industries as it is open source server side scripting language that helps to develop dynamic websites as well as customize web applications.

Offshore It Staffing is gaining popularity these days because of limited resources available; very few companies can leverage expertise in proportion to services required. ‘Offshore' means beyond the boundaries and offshore IT staffing is defined as a strategy where services are obtained from external suppliers overseas. In this set-up the core operations such as sales, management, client servicing etc are taken care by the internal departments of the company and the non-core operations such as technology, data services etc are handed over to the external company which is an expert in the targeted field. It gives the company cost, time and quality advantage. It brings down the overhead expenses and the company can spend time in growth section where their core competency lies.

It was not single handed effort but companies in India have contributed to make India an outsourcing hub and Offshore IT Staffing has revolutionized the web world. India has become the global hub for offshore IT staffing services. Companies looking for outsourcing partners have started peeping into China and other countries all because of limited resources in India, India is working to improve its infrastructure. Indian market at present is offering space, resources, manpower at rates which no other country is till date ready to offer. In India the staffing companies enjoy low labor cost, dedicated man power and good infrastructure which are needed for generating response for outsourcing. The recent market trends have placed India at a number one position for offshore outsourcing in the world.

More and more companies are outsourcing their software development, web development, application development services in order to enjoy benefits of outsourcing.

PHP is managed and maintained by large group of developers and as it is easy to learn and supports different databases it is easy to make dynamic websites using PHP. With its endless features customization is easy and developing shopping cart, creating portals. PHP open source code is advantageous as it saves time and money of programmers. Pre-existing modules are assembled, customized and managed to meet custom needs of clients. Using web 2.0 technology, LAMP and Ruby on Rails various web applications are developed. Social networking sites, online discussion boards, forums, poll and chats boards, content management systems are all result of open source web development.

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Rakhi, is a SEO strategist, SEO analyst at a PHP outsourcing company outsourcing its services to offshore clients and on-shore clients, PHP web development, PHP games development.

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