Increase Your Bottom Line By Importing From China

by Arthur Stoller - Date: 2006-12-14 - Word Count: 327 Share This!

If you are a merchant looking to source your product at much lower cost, have you considered importing from China in order to save money and still offer quality products? China Source and Supply have a solution that can be tailored to suit you.

Here's how it's done. Step by step.

A. Arranging quotes on your merchandise from qualified suppliers with a good history of both quality and deliverability. Making sure that everyone is 'on the same page' and understands your requirements. This is a crucial first step and qualified suppliers with a long history of importing will certainly speed up your process.

B. Creating a list of your packing and presentation details that will meet your requirements. Any drawing or graphics that are necessary to be included in this list when importing from China.

C. Knowing and being aware of all your branding requirements Spend a little time and money on artwork to make sure you get the branding and packaging right. It's worth it in the long term and adds perceived value to your final offering.

D. Researching any safety standards required and making sure all certifications are in place if these are necessary. We will guide you on this.

E. Finding out what each supplier needs in the way of 'minimum orders.' Most suppliers have these. This is where the supplier makes their profit and where you save money, by buying in bulk

F. Making sure the supplier knows the date you require the product and that they can MEET this date. Too many times assumptions are made and this can lead to lost profit and heartache for you.

As with anything else, importing from China does involve an initial 'learning curve', but a good supplier will offer assistance and support and some really great suppliers offer consultancy services, which will speed up your process.

Once you've passed 'the learning curve', importing from China becomes routine and easier. Importing has one distinct advantage in the end, and that is cost savings to you.

China Source and Supply have 15 years importing experience from China. They also have 100% fluency in Chinese with a key team member being Chinese. Visit China Source and Supply for more details or call UK 0115 974 5146.

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