Motor Trade Rundown

by Harvey Taylor - Date: 2010-10-19 - Word Count: 350 Share This!

It is not just cars that must be insured on British roads, every type of motor vehicle is required by law, to have at least third party insurance.

If you are thinking of buying a new car in the closing months of 2010 you may wish to consider the noticeable motor industry movements that have occurred year to date as well as the associated motor trade insurance.

A good place to start your analysis is always to take a look at Motor Trader; arguably the motor trade bible, which reported earlier in the year that Ford had amplified prices to a higher than expected, or desired level back in 2009. This information was reported by Glass's Guide. Managing Editor for Glass's Guide, Adrian Rushmore, went on to state Ford 'arguably went too far by implementing four rounds of rises, equivalent to an average 14 per cent hike across all of its model ranges'.

Having considered this, Ford sales do not appear to have been adversely effected by the 14% price increase this year as the quantifiable level of Fiesta's roaming our roads appears to have increased if anything.

You may want to take into consideration the fact that consumer costs will also see a rise in the not so distant future thanks to a new showroom tax that commenced at the start of the year.

As is often the case, the people bearing the costs of this will be the motorists and the level of charge is calculated primarily on the individual vehicle's CO2 emissions.

As a general rule of thumb; the lower the CO2 emissions, the lower the single tax payment will be.

Considering a case study of this a car which is deemed to emit lower than 130g CO2 per kilometre will be totally exempt from vehicle excise tax for year one of new ownership.

In addition to this, any car that omits over 255g CO2 per kilometre in a single year will incur an additional charge of approximately 1k for year one of new ownership. Subsequent year's rates will revert back to 'standard' charges (which are greatly lower than the new first year charge).

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