Buying Temporary Health Insurance In Florida

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You are the resident of Florida? You are between jobs and therefore are not looking for a long term health plan? The reforms are round the corner and you necessarily need coverage? If you have answered yes to any or all the above the questions, then Temporary health insurance Florida is the solution for you.

As the name suggests, temporary health insurance is for a short duration- i.e. For a period of one to six months. Usually anyone who is eligible for a regular insurance is eligible for a temporary insurance as well. Here is a list of all those who can apply for temporary health insurance in Florida:

- Family members from the age of 15 days to 64 years
- Anybody who does not have a parallel medical policy
- Pregnant lady or expected father till the effective date of the plan are not eligible
- Must have not been declined for health reasons
- Must not have received treatment or consultation of any kind mentioned in the policy within the last five years

Though temporary health plans are for a limited duration of time, they do not compromise on the healthcare services that are included in the coverage. Some of the health facilities that you avail if you own a temporary health insurance in Florida are:

1. Services of licensed healthcare service providers
2. Injections and prescription drug up to a specified limit
3. Lab tests
4. Therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc.
5. Ambulance, emergency services and pre-admission test
6. ICU, physiotherapy, going to the dentist or OPD

According to the insurance regulations in Florida, no matter where you buy your health plan, it will cost the same. Therefore, it is easier and a better idea to buy it online. There are no extra hidden charges and comparing quotes is easy when done online. Buying temporary health plans online is faster and the applications are processed much faster if you apply for a policy online.

If you are between jobs or if your policy has just expired or if you need a health plan just for a while, then temporary health plans are the best option for you. However do not slack only because it is a temporary policy and does not last long. Here too you need to go a background check on the company, compare the quotes and read the policy details carefully.

Temporary health plans are a good and cheap option. You just need to be careful about where and how you buy your health insurance in Florida.

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