To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter Summary - Chapter 12

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Dill and Atticus Go Away: To Kill a Mockingbird Chapter Summary -- Ch. 12

Jem demands that Scout leave him alone and begin to act more like a girl. Jem is 12 years old now and his attitude has changed. The behavior makes Scout upset and she looks forward to Dill coming during summer vacation. Dill sends the other kids a letter telling them he is not coming for the summer because he is staying at the Meridian with his new father's family. The state legislature also calls for the start of the sessions, to which Atticus is a member, which requires him to travel everyday for two weeks to attend.

Church: To Kill a Mockingbird Short Summary -- Chapter 12

Calpurnia decides to take the kids to her African church. They watch the church services and notice that they are collecting funds to help Helen Robinson. Calpurnia's local colored church has an entirely different service than what they experience in their own church. The church reverend requires a total collection of at least $10, which is what Tom's family needs to survive for the week along with her kids. The doors finally open when the collection amount reaches the desired quota.

Tom is Accused of Raping Mayella Ewell: Summary of To Kill a Mockingbird -- Chapter 12

They discover that Tom is in jail because Mayella Ewell, the daughter of Bob Ewell, accused him of raping her. This is the main reason the whole town is angry with their father Atticus. He defends a black man against a white woman. They find their Aunt Alexandra at their home's front porch swing waiting for them when they reach home.

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