A Book Review Of Preparing To Be A Help Meet

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The best thing that comes in every woman's life is marriage. In addition, it is when two people finally make a decision to spend the rest of their lives together. That is the reason why many women are planning for the perfect wedding to happen in their lives. Most pre-wedding ideas are having the perfect setup for the ceremony and celebration, owning a designer's wedding gown and many great plans for one great day. It is very much ideal to plan for the perfect wedding but sometimes years of marriage are forgotten and not prepared for. In the end, as the married life starts, some women are unprepared to become a good wife and mother to her growing family.

The book, Preparing To Be A Help Meet, contains ideas and lessons on how a woman must prepare herself for her marriage as well as for some women who desire to be a good wife and mother. Preparing To Be A Help Meet has some amusing stories of ordinary women in their life before the wedding and as a married woman. Three stories unfold experiences of women with marriage for 40 years. The other three stories are testimonials on how God guided them in preparing for their marriage. Readers will find out how great it is to have God in their side as they create plans and decisions with their married lives. The so-called Hidden Flower is an introvert young woman, never having a single man in her life, learned ways on how to make a man be interested in her. Other good stories in the book are about impatient women, or the Antsy Babes, and the Grabbers, or the pushy women.

Other stories found in Preparing To Be A Help Meet are short stories of different situations in marriage. Some have amusing narratives and there are other with unwanted situations but conveys great lessons in life. There are tips on how to be an attractive, wife-material woman or how to make a man interested. Those who read the book will know what to do and what not to do as well as what to avoid for a great relationship to flourish.

Preparing To Be A Help Meet show women what men are looking for in a future mate. It is explained why some men are not considering other women and why men wants a certain woman for a wife. Some men will have their opinions stated at the end of the book. Even men looking for a good wife will know how women prepare themselves for a great marriage.

Even if married life is not as perfect as the wedding, still it is a once in a lifetime experience needing priority and care for it to last long. It is not as easy as just saying, "I give up" or going back to do things all over again. It is about a relationship built to last a lifetime full of love and concern between people involved. When God is in your relationship, you will see that you are working through a married life with less trouble and full of abundance. In the end, readers will learn and trust that God is there for them always, blessing them and making their marriage a testimony of love.

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