How You Can Be Happy And Fulfilled Whilst Being Single For The Rest Of Your Life

by Matthew Robert Payne - Date: 2007-03-21 - Word Count: 1075 Share This!

It seems unheard of these days for an attractive person with a job and a life ahead of them even though they are recently divorced to consider remaining single and celibate for the rest of their life. What would inspire a person with opportunity to re- marry not to do so? What could be so attractive that could encourage a person to choose a single life? Come and read my reason.

My wife left me fourteen years ago, re married eight years ago, and for those past eight years I have not seen my 15 year old son. Since my wife left, in recent times since I have come to love myself I have had four women ask me to consider marrying them. Each of them were friends and when I told them that I couldn't do as they wish three of them didn't want to be friends anymore. That was sad.

Can there be a life so good, so exciting, so full and so full of purpose that you don't need a partner to be happy.

Well tell me folks can there be?

Let me tell you that my life is exciting, my days are full, I have a purpose, a destiny and dreams that I am seeing coming true and the presence and peace of God has never been as strong in my life then it has in the last two weeks.

As a male who has already had a child, I have a lot of happiness. Though I know I don't see him now, I am confident as an adult he will seek me out and I forgive my wife for stopping him seeing me. I did my bit to populate the world.

As a Christian I am set apart for God and I am excited to be like Paul and to walk with God as a single man. He admonished those that would want to serve the Lord that being single is best though he said that this is hard for some and if lust is too much for them they should marry.

Well let me say folks it takes a disciplined Christian life as male to conquer the sex drive and the compulsion to lust. In the Old Testament somewhere there is a verse that says that the anointing breaks the yoke. This means if you can get into the state where the presence of God in your life is strong then any addiction or bondage will be broken in my simple language.

It is such a joy to be a male that God takes his sex drive away as the anointing flows in his life. It is such a joy to walk down the street without wanting to take women to bed or undressing them with your eyes. It's such a joy to be able to speak to a lady and not be distracted by thoughts of wondering if you can date her.

God wants all of us devoted to Him. To choose to be single so that you can devote all your time to serving the Lord is a big decision yet it pays handsome dividends. When God knows you want to serve him fulltime he gives you big dreams and gets to work training you for something that it going to be very effective for him. A man or woman that chooses to lay down their life for God will always be rewarded in ways that will more then compensate.

It's not that I don't love woman. It's that I want my time to be fully devoted to typing articles, speaking and exhorting by brothers and sisters in the Lord. Instead of spending an hour with my wife each night telling her how the day was, I want to have that hour to be speaking to the Lord. Instead of having a wife lonely at home when I am away for a month I want to have people happy where I am knowing that I am free to stay in their city for as the Lord wills.

The love that I have for Jesus far surpasses many people that I know. My life is crucified for Christ. My only interest is to do his will and it seems that the more I have divorced myself from the things of the world, like the desire to own things, and buying things, the more he has given me to do and to spend my money on that is going to save souls and encourage Christians to live a better life.

What wife could live with a husband that spends his money on reaching souls every week and who does not agree with buying expensive things when cheap things can be worn instead? What wife could live with a husband who has no interest in a car, no interest in a nice house of his own and who teaches his children to live for Christ in a life of self denial?

Could you live with me?

Could you cope with a husband that has no interest in fashions, the media, the popular shows on TV, no interests outside of serving God with every cent he has and every hour available?

Are you a lady that could have my zeal? Living in cheap clothes with a cheep car and a rented government housing cheap rented unit. Could you live with a man that can't walk down a street without giving to the poor and who engages total strangers in conversation whenever you are out?

Are you a lady that wants to serve the Lord full time with all your heart, mind, time and money? Do you think God could raise you up in that ministry?

Sure he could!

Do you want to serve God and be a better use for him?

What about you men? Which of you could conceive being single from this point on and serving the Lord in the future full time? Who would deny themselves a love with a new woman for God so they can be more effective?

Do you have a vision?
Do you want to serve God?
Can you get excited about God using you in a mighty way?

God wants to use you all. He has a ministry you can all be a part of if you can only give him some of your time for free without wanting to be paid.

I challenge you seek the Lord in a way that you can serve Him. Ask him for the gift to serve him as a single person! It is a life that is rewarding.

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