How to Select a 0% Apr Interest Credit Card

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When you are looking for a credit card, you probably already know that you cannot beat a 0% APR interest credit card. After all, what can be better than paying no interest? Of course, this only applies to the introductory offer, but it can sure beat the interest levels you may already be paying on another credit card. Getting the perfect 0% APR interest credit card, however, will not come as easily as that. Here are some other things that you want to look for to make your credit card an even better deal.

0% APR Interest May Apply To More Than One Thing

When you look at the ads for credit cards and you see 0% APR interest credit cards, it may apply to more than one thing. Generally, it applies to the overall interest rate on the credit card. This means that there is no interest charged on a balance during the introductory period. Of course, there will be late fees if you do not make the minimum payment on time.

The other thing it can apply to is the balance transfer option - if it has one. This option on a 0% APR interest credit card means that you can make transfers of outstanding balances from other cards onto this card and pay 0% APR interest. The time frame, however, is what you need to notice, since it may be different than the general introductory offer. Also, check to see if there is a balance transfer fee or not. Some cards can charge up to 4% for this service.

Rewards Available

Just about any kind of reward may be possible with a 0% APR interest credit card. So, if you are looking for air miles, a student card, a business credit card, or any other kind of reward - it can be found somewhere. Rewards means that you can get anywhere from one to six points for every dollar that you charge to the card.

These points accumulate and you can get either rebates in cash amounts, or discounts toward future purchases. Many cards will give you more points toward the purpose of the card (gas card, air miles card, etc.), but many will also give you one to three points for every purchase you make at the grocery store, the pharmacy, and the gas station.

Compare Card Offers

Before you sign-up for the 0% APR interest credit card, you will want to shop around some and see which one may be the best offer for you. There are many offers out there - in the mailbox and online, but not all of them are what you really want. Be sure to look at the various fees, and try to get one that has as few fees as possible. If you have good credit, this will allow you to get a good card and better rates of interest.

Remember to pay for your purchases each month in full and on time. This way you are sure to be able to enjoy the rewards without having fees and charges eat away at your benefits.

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