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by Mathews Rosario - Date: 2007-10-03 - Word Count: 607 Share This!

Ever wondered what would happen if you had to wake up to a new morning when there would be nothing familiar around you? No, not a single prized possession that got so close to your heart over the years. Your king-size bed, that favorite mirror you picked up on one of those rare visits to a foreign country, those precious frames containing the bitter-sweet memories of your yesteryears......all gone in the twinkle of an eye. Sounds dreadful, does it not? Sure, it does and you have no reason to feel that you will be exempted from falling prey to such a situation. Especially if you are shifting your base and not taking that extra bit of caution that is expected of you.

It is that critical time of your life when you need to relax like never before. A relaxed mind allows wise and healthy decisions. The right decision in selecting your mover may take away all your hassles that you might have to encounter in case of a wrong selection. And gosh!! The chance of going back in time and rectifying your decision is then gone forever. So, here's what might prove beneficial in discriminating between genuine and "rogue movers". Try these few things during your interstate move to save you from a fraudulent mover:

Never hurry. Plan your relocation well in advance so that you have ample time to take quotations from several movers (preferably the renowned ones), compare the prices of each one and settle for the most competitive one. Also, ask your friends and relatives who have recently relocated for references. They will most often give you the correct options to choose from.

Avoid taking arbitrary quotations over the phone or the Internet. Reliable movers will usually not have such a practice. Always insist movers to come and thoroughly inspect your items that are to be shipped before giving the quotations.

Do not feel overexcited to get unbelievably low rates even after they have inspected your shipment. Most often they turn out to be the ones who make money from you using the foulest means. Again, movers with good reputation will give you the standard rates. Accept the legitimate costs rather than bargaining and getting a shock soon after.

Never make a large deposit prior to the actual move. This could be an indication of fraudulent movers.

Do not settle for a mover who does not provide you with a copy of "Your Rights and Responsibilities" even after insisting. Ideally you should not even have to insist as you are entitled to receive one free of cost. Familiarize yourself with all your rights and responsibilities well before the actual moving takes place.

Always check for the credentials of the company before signing a deal with them. Ideally pay a visit to their office or if that is too difficult definitely check out their website. Be very critical while viewing the website, as hosting a website is no difficult job these days. Anybody who has enough money to pay for the site can have one. Look for details regarding licenses and insurance etc.

Check the vehicles that will be provided for your shipment if possible. Do not rely on word of mouth and leave anything for the D-day. Remember, seeing is believing!

Relocation can be fun-filled and full of excitement if you consider these simple things before taking the plunge. Though not all movers are fraud movers, it is for this handful of unscrupulous players in the field that the repute of the entire industry is at stake. And you need to stay away for the sake of your life's assets.

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