What Cruise Destinations are Hot

by Brian james - Date: 2007-04-21 - Word Count: 399 Share This!

t now, the areas of cruising that are selling very well are the Mediterranean and Alaska. These two areas are selling so well that Royal Caribbean has moved a total of 7 ships, from the Caribbean and Alaska, to mop up the excess business that has taken them by surprise. Carnival Cruises is launching their brand-new ship there-the Carnival Freedom. This is unprecedented for Carnival. Since they began, every new ship that they built was always launched in the Caribbean arena. After the Carnival Freedom finishes the Mediterranean cruises, it will be doing 7 day Eastern and Western Caribbean areas starting in the fall of 2007. Alaska cruises and Alaska cruisetours are selling very well. If you are planning on booking a cruise in either the Mediterranean or Alaska, you should not wait. These cruises are seasonal and space is obviously limited. The old ploy of waiting to get a last minute special is not going to work in these areas because demand is astronomical. If you are going to the Mediterranean or Alaska-book it now. Now, when there are areas that are booming, like the Mediterranean and Alaska, obviously that means there are areas that are lagging. This means you will find better than normal rates in these areas. Right now, those areas that are lagging are the Bahamas, the Caribbean and Bermuda. You can get lower than normal rates for these cruises because demand is lagging. My advice is don't follow the crowd. If you really want to go to the Mediterranean or Alaska, unless you can find an off date that is affordable, wait until next year. Take advantage of the low rates for the Caribbean, Bermuda and Bahamas cruises. You will save a mint and still have a great time. Since rates are lower than normal, it is a perfect opportunity to find a new ship that you wanted to try out but in the past was out of your price range. The one thing that is a constant in the cruise industry is change. What's hot this year won't be the next year. Go against the crowd and it will save you a lot of money! All Aboard Cruises Corp are experts in Caribbean Cruises, Mediterranean cruises and Alaska cruises and can be found at http://www.allaboardcruisescorp.com. For more information on Caribbean Cruises, see All Aboard Cruises Corp.

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