Cancun Weather

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Cancun is one of the most well known tropical destinations in the world. Because Cancun is located just below the Tropic of Cancer, it is blessed with warm and pleasant weather all year long. The average temperature in Cancun and its environs is about 27C, or 80F. Cancun residents and tourists enjoy almost 240 sunny days a year. In the summer months, it usually becomes warmer by a few degrees. The summer temperature can go up as high as 32C, or 90F, and as low as 24C, or 70F.

As a tropical destination, Cancun experiences some rainy days all year round. The highest temperatures are recorded in April and May and from September to January. But these months also see the rainiest days, with occasional storms and hurricanes. Rains usually come in the late afternoon, especially during the summer in the month of June. Rains can last from a few hours to all night long.

Because of the tropical weather, nearly anytime is the best time to visit Cancun. The best parties happen in the spring break months of February and March. You can also try the off-peak seasons to take advantage of affordable rates. Generally, the months of September and October are to be avoided because of the windy weather and the occasional storm or wayward hurricane. In 2005, Cancun bore the brunt of Hurricane Wilma, which left considerable damage to the area.

Due to the warm climate, visitors are recommended to wear suitable clothing and footwear. Cancun offers exceptional destinations and activities under the sun, but it also offers great indoor malls to spend the hours in if it rains. Before you visit Cancun, you can check out the weather in the area through many different weather services available on the Internet. Some even offer real-time satellite photos of Cancun.

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