Selecting A Quality Cigar Humidor

by Stephen Malan - Date: 2008-05-23 - Word Count: 604 Share This!

Investing in cigars can be very rewarding and of course expensive. Here are a few ideas on what to look for in a quality cigar humidor so you don't shortchange yourself or your cigars! In this article we will discuss the major components to look for in a quality cigar humidor

Below is a short list of the more important items to consider when selecting a cigar humidor:

1. Seal: The most important aspect of a humidor is its ability to hold humidity. The seal will do that. When evaluating a cigar humidor, drop the lid from approximately 2-3 inches to see how it closes. If it lands on a cushion of air, the seal is fine. If it "clangs" when the lid is dropped, walk away because that isn't a quality fact, "it's just a box". Look to see what hinges are used to close the lid. Quality cigar humidors will have hidden quadrant hinges and/or piano hinges, which provide the best seal possible.

2. Exterior Construction: The sidewalls and bottom of the humidor should be at a minimum, ½" thick. Thicker than average sidewalls will create a more stable humidor interior with less fluctuations in temperature or humidity. Large temperature and humidity fluctuations will ruin your cigars. Check to see if the outside bottom of the humidor is lined with felt to prevent scratching of the furniture that you place your humidor on.

3. Interior Construction: It is extremely important that your humidor be lined in Kiln-Dried Spanish Cedar. This is the industry standard when it comes to quality made humidors. Kiln-Dried Spanish Cedar provides for less aromatic aromas than other woods which makes it the more desirable choice when selecting a cigar humidor. "You don't want overly aromatic woods in your humidor as it may impart an unwanted flavor to your cigars". Additionally, Spanish cedar is less prone to warping which is imperative when used in a high humidity application such as a cigar humidor. If your interior warps, your seal will be broken and your cigars will be ruined. Having the interior Kiln-Dried gets rid of all the natural moisture that all woods contain. If the humidor you're looking at has trays, make sure that they are ventilated to assure the humidity in your humidor can circulate to all cigars in the humidor.

4. Style: Are you interested in impressing your poker playing buddies or will a less fancy cigar humidor do? Matte finish or a multiple layer high gloss finish? One for the golf bag? There are so many styles to choose from it can be pretty confusing. Just make sure the humidor fits your personal style.

5. Quality: Don't let price alone influence your decision as to what is a quality cigar humidor. There are many humidors on the market today that retail for less than $100 that will keep your cigars perfectly fresh for a long time. Look at all the variables discussed in steps 1-4 and you should have an easier time finding a quality humidor.

Try to avoid mixing mild and strong cigar in a single humidor...especially if they come without cellophane wrappers. They will marry their aromas and you will not have the cigars you thought you had. We always advise multiple cigar humidors if they have premium cigars without cellophane wrappers. Many premium cigars, such as La Gloria Cubana Serie line, have no cellophane on their cigars and these should not come in contact with other un-cellophaned cigars in your humidor.

Take your time...If you follow the 5 steps mentioned above, you will have a much easier time in finding the best cigar humidor for you.

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