Easy Connection String

by Steve Buchok - Date: 2006-11-27 - Word Count: 158 Share This!

Here's an easy way to make any connection string you might need and it can test the connection before you use it.

Open a new text document in notepad and save it as a .udl file. You then close notepad and double click on the newly created .udl file. When the file opens it will give you an assortment of options and different datasources. Select the options that are appropriate for your connection string. At the bottom of the connection tab you will see a button that says test connection. After you have sected all the options you want you can click the test connection button and it will tell you if the connection was successful.

After testing the connection, close the .udl file, it will automatically save your choices. You may now open the .udl file in a text editor and you will notice that the connection string is right there ready for you to cut and paste.

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