Database Management: the Nerve Centre of Every Modern Organisation

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The database management service has become an integral part of a modern organisation. It is generally used to store huge data and also to manage it and update it as and when necessary. An ideal database management service generally has four models- hierarchical, network, relational and object. A particular database management may provide all the four models or may be a combination of two or just one. The cost of setting up database management services depends largely on the speed, maintainability, reliability and scalability of the application in question.


The basic function of database management services is definitely database management. But along with the function of database management, comes the critical function of data accessibility and data security. The data are mostly encrypted, and so it is not possible for anyone and every one to access the data, leave alone updating or changing it. Only a few people are given the right of reading the data or just viewing the data from the server and use it for their work purpose. The right to update or delete data is not given to them as it is not a part of their work area. Again, a lesser few are given the special entry right into the database management server to change or update the already encoded data. Thus, the data is both safe and not that difficult to access when it is required.


A database management system also provides with a unique facility that allows many users can share and access data from it at the same time. This is done by a very complex process. The system provides two views of the same data, one is known as the physical view and the other is termed as a logical view. The physical view is used by experts who are storing or modifying the data. The logical view is used by users like us, to do the necessary work. Thus, at the same moment of time, both the user and the database management expert can do their work simultaneously, without any problems. Database management services are the need of the hour for every successful organisation.

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