Anxiety And Homeopathy

by Joette Calabrese - Date: 2008-12-28 - Word Count: 418 Share This!

Oh, that awful sensation. Paralyzing, undermining and agonizing. No amount of self-talk will relieve it. And the drugs used to treat it are overkill. What's a sufferer to do?

Consider homeopathy. Homeopathy has a reputation for addressing performance anxiety without side effects and doesn't relieve episodically, but fully. Although it's often best to work with a certified homeopathic consultant for this kind of suffering, it's worth discussing the remedies most commonly used in a homeopathic practice.

Gelsemium is a remedy that is used for someone who feels weak and fearful of an upcoming event. It affects speakers, performers, courtroom lawyers and anyone who has a forthcoming occasion which causes anxiety. Taken every few hours up to and when the event is at hand, Gelsemium will eliminate the symptoms that are so overwhelming. It will also minimize the chance of the return of such an event. No more weakness and angst.

Then there is the anxiety that is associated with assorted events - fear of flying, leaving the house, anxiety when thinking of new endeavors, etc. When the list is too long to mention, the remedy is often Agaricus. It is a powerful, but gentle, remedy that can slowly and consistently rid the sufferer of his anxieties. It does this by stimulating the body's ability to bring itself to its best economy.

Aconitum is the quintessential remedy for anxiety that results from a previous frightening experience. This might be required after an experience that occurred many years ago such as after having been mugged, witnessing 911, experiencing an earthquake or witnessing war atrocities. These are all potential shocks to the system that can be held on a cellular level for many years, if not for a life time. This remedy will relieve the shock and allow the sufferer freedom from the thoughts or even just the residual sensations. Often, a person doesn't even think about the specific cause anymore. All that is left is anxiety. It is not uncommon for him to not even make an association between the event and the anxiety he now experiences.

There are other remedies that are also of great value in the polite, gentle world of homeopathy. They must be specifically chosen for the person, not the pathology. In other words, homeopathy treats the entire person. So not only will the anxiety be eliminated, but so will the wakefulness, restless legs and constipation.
Without dangerous side effects and expensive meds, homeopathy is medicine that brings the person to his best place and most importantly, it works.

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