10 Ways To Save Energy And Save Money On Your Electricity Bills For Your Home

by Miguel Poza - Date: 2006-12-02 - Word Count: 453 Share This!

There are several different ways you can save energy on your home electricity usage which will also reduces the money you spend on your electricity bills and helps reduce carbon emissions to the environment. Here is a list of the things you can do:

1. If your washing machine has an economy setting, then use that instead of the normal setting.

2. Did you know that when an electrical item is on standby that it uses 70% of the electricity that it uses as compared to when it is switched on? Think about all the electrical items you have on standby around your home, if you switch them off instead of putting them on standby you can save a fair bit off your electricity bill each year.

3. If it is possible, move your fridge a few inches away from the wall as this will make it operate more efficiently and save you money.

4. Remember to switch the lights off each time you leave a room.

5. If you have a desktop or laptop computer, you can use the power saving feature which will switch off your monitor after you have been away from your computer for a few minutes. As well as saving money and energy, this will also mean that your computer monitor will last longer.

6. To save up to 10% of your electrical bill, choose to pay by direct debit instead of by paying by cheque or cash at the bank.

7. You may be able to save up to 25% off your electricity bill by switching to another cheaper electricity provider. This is quite straight forward to do and will most likely be the biggest electricity cash saving move you can make. If you have already done this move once before in the past, then you may still be able to save a further 10% to 15% by shopping around again.

8. It is not always the case that having your electricity and gas provided by one supplier is the cheapest way to go. If you look at other suppliers you may find it will work out cheaper to have electricity from one supplier and your gas supply from another.

9. Do not leave electrical items on around the house when you are not using them.

10. Fit energy saving light bulbs around your house which whilst they are more expensive than normal light bulbs, they will last a lot, lot longer.

So as you can see most of the things you can do to save energy and money on your electricity usage are fairly simple, easy to do, you can choose to do some of them or all of them and it really will make a difference to your electricity usage and bills over the years.

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