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T Mobile SDA gets very good reception, though voices were a bit harsher and less precise than we'd have liked, and there's a big background-noise transmission problem in noisy environments. MP3 ringtones sounded good, and the earpiece volume was acceptable if not very loud. The speakerphone was too quiet to use outdoors, though it works acceptably indoors. (That's odd because the media player can really blare, much louder than the speakerphone.) We actually got clearer sound through a Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth headset than we did through the phone's built-in earpiece.

Speaking of Bluetooth, we got Logitech, Jabra, and Plantronics headsets all working with the SDA, and we ActiveSynced with a Dell laptop. The voice dialing is the primitive, recorded-tag type, but using any voice dialing at all over Bluetooth is a step forwards for a Windows Mobile phone. You can also make a phone call, talk on a Bluetooth headset, and surf the Web with Wi-Fi all at the same time. The Bluetooth stack doesn't support playing music over wireless headsets.

T Mobile SDA is a small, slightly chubby, rounded candy-bar phone with a lot of small buttons. (This is not a phone for folks with big fingers.) The multibutton approach makes learning the SDA a bit of work and leads to occasional incorrect keypresses, but we appreciated every button on the phone, most importantly the dedicated music buttons. Above the buttons stretches a beautiful 320-by-240 VGA screen filled with bold icons and your calendar information.

The SDA Music phone lets T-Mobile customers enjoy an exclusive listening experience. The first Smart Phone with the Windows Mobile operating system not only allows access to Microsoft applications like Outlook, but also can be used to relax after work thanks to the integrated audio player. Other highlights of the device include an integrated VGA camera for taking photos and videos, an MP3 player and a stereo headset. The Motorola E398 is also optimally suited for mobile music services. Two integrated stereo speakers and special light and vibration effects provide an impressive 3D sound experience. Both cell phones support T-Mobile's Mobile Jukebox service.

T Mobile SDA is directed at users who prefer a cell phone for mobile communication, but also want to use functions like e-mail or a calendar. The SDA provides for these functions using the Microsoft operating system Windows Mobile Smartphone 2003. Windows Mobile lets you receive and send e-mail, as well as manage your appointments using the SDA. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files can be easily read in the device's large display. The MDA III and the SDA will soon be offered by T-Mobile also without a camera, to meet the requirements of the business market. Please purchase on online

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