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Old Sacramento is a very popular tourist destination and is better known for its cultural heritage. This place has a very interesting history that stands testimony to the splendor of Sacramento. After the sudden gold discovery at the foothills around the Sacramento River, the region flourished. It soon became a primary trading center for gold miners. However, the new city was consistently threatened by floods and finally, in 1852, the city was washed away by devastating floods.

The 1960s witnessed major renovations undertaken to restore its past glory. Over the years, Old Sacramento has flourished, to become a major commercial hub for different businesses. Old Sacramento is a national landmark today and boasts of fifty-three priceless historic buildings. Due to its remarkable history, cultural value, unique dining and shopping experience, Old Sacramento has become the rich man paradise. Thousands of rich and affluent people visit Old Sacramento to rediscover its rustic grandeur and experience its magic. Despite its name, this place offers modern amenities to provide comfort and luxury to its rich and elite guests.

After its revival, Old Sacramento greatly improved its infrastructure, making it easily accessible. With a market, docks, water taxis, delightful excursion cruises and exciting waterfront restaurants, it has managed to grab the attention of the rich and the famous. Old Sacramento takes pride in its year-round event calendar and attracts more than five million visitors every year. Visiting Old Sacramento at the time of the Gold Rush leaves a lasting memory of the place. The main events include the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, Bridge-to-Bridge Waterfront Festival, New Years Eve Fireworks Spectacular and the Pacific Rim Street Festival.

However, the biggest attraction for music lovers around the world is the jazz festival. The nightclubs and cabarets are very popular among the rich people visiting Old Sacramento. Old Sacramento is also a favorite getaway for young couples.

Old Sacramento is famous for its glorious museums that speak volumes of its golden past. The Discovery Museum Gold Rush History Center showcases some of the finest artifacts and objects that are truly captivating. On the other hand, the California State Railroad Museum offers a unique experience to visitors through its extraordinary exhibits of restored trains and other artifacts displaying rail history.

If you are looking for non-stop entertainment, then Old Sacramento is the place to be. The Eagle Theater has a record of being one of the oldest entertainment venues and continues its tradition even today through the presentation of lively plays. In the past, a horse-drawn carriage was exclusively the privilege of the rich. While in Sacramento, the rich can relive this experience by taking a ride in a horse-drawn carriage. The other options include cruising on a riverboat and enjoying a pleasure ride on a steam locomotive train, along the breathtaking Sacramento River.

The rich and the famous can enjoy some of the worlds best cuisines in the majestic hotels of Sacramento. With over twenty restaurants, visitors are guaranteed of the finest dining experience. These restaurants are apt for all occasions, business or romantic candlelight dinners, overlooking the pristine river.

With such an unusual blend of the old and the contemporary values and lifestyle, Old Sacramento continues to appeal to the aesthetic tastes of the rich around the globe.

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