Being an Alpha Male IN a Relationship & at All Times

by Rion Williams - Date: 2007-01-01 - Word Count: 557 Share This!

I'll just be straightforward here, once I was in a relationship with a woman I always had the power and favor except for twice (2 different women) when I just submitted to 'ok honey', repressed myself, went along with things and she lost interest (it's perfectly predictable by the way).

How could I have the power and retain a woman's interest and attraction in a relationship?

It's SIMPLE. I was a high character or quality guy to begin with. I always was the way I see it. I was generically what women wanted and what they say they wanted; funny, intriguing, good-looking, social status, etc.

A decade ago I committed to consciously improving myself (a byproduct effect of some negative sexual transmutation or frustration). That was my 'inner character'.

I really was and still am a great catch; funny, interesting, deep, fascinating, better looking than average, intelligent, etc.

But enough about me..what about you? Do you think you're a 'good catch'?

But somehow it hasn't 'seemed enough' even though our grandfathers did fine, right?

When you just are that guy who has those great character traits that women are looking for AND YOU'RE STILL HAVING TROUBLE WITH WOMEN, let me tell you this;

so did I. For much of a decade with most 'American' women. I couldn't figure out why it was so DIFFICULT to meet women and get a relationship started but once I was in it, they fell for me, followed me, joined the Navy for 6 years to be closer to me, wanted to marry me (many times), etc. etc.

That's the way it should be and that's what women want. They love the feeling of deep's way better than chocolate.

But why ON EARTH was it so difficult to 'start' things? Even moreso, how could I have success every time I stepped outside the U.S...I questioned that for a decade until I found the answer.

So many guys (and their teachers) put pressure on themselves like they're great big dumbasses when they really already are mostly what women want.

It's not even that they have to conform to the screwed up social reality, but that they just have to see the truth like I did.

The closest thing to the truth is what I present with my teachings and they're often so objective that I can't even let my personality shine because I am the messenger.

How is it that men end up getting comfortable in the relationship, drop down their guard, start farting, etc. and can have power and control in the relationship yet women (in most cases) have 'the power' hands down when (or before) the relationship begins?

Fascinating isn't it.

The answer to all of your problems is truly just to BE YOURSELF at all times.

I don't mean farting, scratching and sniffing necessarily but I mean truly being comfortable in your own skin BEFORE, DURING AND AFTER 'any' relationship that you could ever be in.

It will alleviate a LOT of your headaches and you'll find yourself having more power, more relationships and more sex than ever before too.

Stop playing games of 'chasing women' and have them chasing you instead (like it's supposed to be and naturally is).

Learn to see the grand game of what's really going on and you'll actually be ABLE to truly BE comfortable around the sexiest women on earth and that's where it all begins.

When they can 'trust you' physiologically, it's on.

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