Why Purchase Swiss Army Watches?

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Wearing a wristwatch or having a pocket watch is a very important accessory of a person because it tells time. Some watches can tell the date, month, year, the day and have other features. Although now a days, you have your mobile phones or laptops to tell time that you don't have to wear it anywhere. Now, why would you buy an expensive watch if you just need a watch that just tells time?

One of the most trusted watches is the Swiss army watch. It is of high quality, has stylistic design made with expensive jewelry. The price ranges from as low as $100 or up to as high as $1000. Owning Swiss army watches will guarantee you that it will last for a lifetime and the brand will not disappear.
Here are the reasons why purchase one:

1) It has an aesthetic and artistic design that suits the taste of the wearer.

2) Both men and women can wear a Swiss army watch that is adaptable to their lifestyle and needs such as it can be worn in an adventurous environment and still look elegant in any formal gathering.

3) These are water resistant. It can be used while you are enjoying the depths of the ocean as far as hundred feet.

4) It is designed to withstand any impact, much durable than any ordinary watch especially if the wearer is exploratory in nature.

5) It is made of crystal which is harder to scratch than glass: it is made of steel which resists scuff mark.

6) It has a very functional feature suitable for travelers. These watches can have three smaller watch surfaces. One will never have trouble of counting the time difference.

7) Owning a high-quality, professional and luxurious watch sets you above the rest.

8) It shows your personality and your characteristics.

9) It doesn't break easily because of the precision and efforts that were given in order to make every watch.

Each year, there are Swiss army watches that is being brought in any country and sold for a cheaper price. Like in the United States, there are about 35,000 fake pieces to be delivered for unauthorized dealers. Many people are offering in the internet for affordable watches that sells imitations. To protect you from counterfeits, always purchase from authorized dealers. Here are some tips on how to detect fake pieces:

1) Check the serial number is the best thing to do first. All watches come with a serial number. To make sure your watch has the authentic serial number, take a picture and send it to the company for cross checking.

2) Know if the seller is an authorized dealer.

3) If the dial or the face doesn't show the words "Swiss Army," it's a fake.

4) Go to an expert jeweler. They know how to spot genuine watches.

5) If you bought a watch that is cheaper than the usual price, probably it's a counterfeit piece.

6) Unauthorized dealers will not get their items directly from Swiss Army Brands.

7) Swiss government authorized the Swiss Army Brands to carry the brand name of Swiss Army.

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