An Alternative To Keeping Unwanted Stuff At Home

by John Blane - Date: 2007-04-22 - Word Count: 254 Share This!

Ever wonder what you are going to do with all that old stuff in the attic or basement? Many would simply say to dump it out and make room for that new high-def television that you bought from Best Buy. Others would yell out "Ebay it". Of course, the reality is that the old stuff stays with you because of the hassle of auctioning them off.

We all know at least one person who collects just about everything and stores it anywhere in the house that can fit. Fortunately, there's a way in getting rid of that stuff and get something in return. Swapping is a new alternative to buying and selling. In addition, swapping helps the environment by avoiding the additional pileups in the landfills. Instead, the stuff gets reused over and over.

Benefits of swapping for most people include the following: fun, being part of a group, support, friendship, and knowledge. Swapping does not have to include just items. It can also include your services and skills. Why not swap your skill for something you always wanted? Your time and knowledge is worth something and that can be traded for something.

There are many ways in getting rid of your unwanted stuff - donating to charitable organizations, participating in swap events or meets, selling items at a stoop sale, calling a local exchange market, or swapping stuff online similar to Ebay-style.

Keep in mind that there is always someone out there who can use or want your item. Keep the environment clean, save money, and start swapping.

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SwapTreasures is a site focused in helping people swap unwanted things. In addition, members can add stuff they are looking for, sell unwanted items, and share ideas among the swapping community.

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