Picking a Great Real Estate Agent in Scottsdale

by Wayne Hemrick - Date: 2007-05-27 - Word Count: 482 Share This!

There are so many great reasons to live in Scottsdale, Arizona. With the wide variety of cultural events, museums, art galleries, and vibrant nightlife, new home buyers flock to Scottsdale. If you are in the process of looking for Scottsdale real estate, you will want to consider five factors that will help you pick a great real estate agent in Scottsdale.

First, you will want to make sure that your real estate agent is registered with the National Association of Realtors. This Association helps ensure high standards for agents, in that it requires agents to take continuing education courses, including mandatory classes in state law so that agents conduct business in a legal and ethical manner.

Second, you will also need to find out who your real estate agent represents and how he or she will get paid. You want someone who is working for you, and keeping your best interests in mind, so you will want to consider an exclusive relationship with a particular agent for an agreed-upon length of time in order to ensure that he or she is working for your purposes.

Third, you will want to select someone who specializes in the type of Scottsdale AZ real estate transaction you wish to make. If you are wanting to buy a new home in Scottsdale, then you want an agent with knowledge of the new homes market in Scottsdale. If there is a particular location in Scottsdale in which you wish to live, you will need an agent who is not only market savvy but also understands market conditions in that particular area or neighborhood in Scottsdale. If you are wanting to buy property, there are agents who are Buyer Specialists who are focused solely on helping you buy a home or a condominium, and these individuals would be a good fit for your purposes.

Fourth, you will want to select a realtor who not only listens to you but also keeps the lines of communication with you open throughout the process of purchasing or selling Scottsdale real estate. You want to be able to explain to your agent what characteristics you desire from a new property and your price range, and then you want the agent to focus on that information in order to find you properties that match your criteria.

Fifth, you need someone skilled in analyzing market trends and recent home sales in order to help you deliver a winning offer. Based on their analysis, they can help you determine an offer price, negotiate a contract, and represent you at inspections and appraisals. Your agent is your representative, and he or she can be your biggest asset in find the home that is right for you.

Wayne Hemrick has been a Phoenix real estate agent , property appraiser in the Phoenix area for 20 years. He has his own very successful real estate and mortgage lending business in the Phoenix area.

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