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by Chuck Magee - Date: 2010-10-27 - Word Count: 498 Share This!

If you have Arkansas land for sale and are interested in advertising it on your website I have a few suggestions that might help you get a quicker sale. These tips can help you with your rankings on such internet search engines as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Before you put a lot of time in cute catch phrase descriptions, let me give you a few tips.

SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization may be a new term for you. SEO is simply this: making your website more searchable with either Google or other search engines. These are hints that anyone can do with their site and then there are a few things that you might need a webmaster to do.

Some simple things you can do to raise your rankings with Google is as simple as making better descriptions and adding keywords and other relevant terms in your descriptions. Before putting your listings on your websites, remember to include pertinent information like the city, county, zip code, street name, the number of acres, and the type of property. This seems pretty simple but surprisingly you will find many listings without the information that most people search for when searching for land for sale in Arkansas. Other information that would interest those searching for land would be creek frontage, fencing of any kind, proximity to state parks or national forests, good timber values, frontage road access, the school district the land falls in to name a few.

It is vital that you make sure your website is search engine friendly. What makes it search engine friendly is if the search engine spiders your site easily. Is there a site map? Do you feed out to site map websites like Wiki? Is the layout of the listings such that Google can read it easily? Many don't know this but Google reads much like humans do, top to bottom, left to right. Always start your listing with a good strong title. Since Google only indexes the first eighty key strokes so everything after the eightieth does no good. An example of a good strong title for land for sale in Arkansas might be: Arkansas Land for Sale, Polk County AR, Chambers 100 Acres Hunting Land for Sale. List anything a potential client may search for when looking for Land for Sale in Arkansas.

When you describe the land on the website, it is ok to repeat your title at the beginning of the description. It won't look repetitive because many titles are not right next to the description and it gives you one more chance to get the key words in your listing details. Last May Google had an algorithm update that allows for long tail keywords. This is great for realtors because it allows for better descriptions.

The title and description of the land is just a couple of things that should be on the top of your list. If you are interested in others, visit my Blog for how to increase your rankings.

In 2000 Chuck and his wife Lindey developed a website called The website was launched for uniting the real estate market in Land For Sale In Arkansas. In 2009 more sites were launched as sister sites for other states like Land For Sale In Illinois and Land For Sale In Ohion
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