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Cartoon contest produces a lot of individual creations that reflect many reality happenings in the world. In a contest many participants express their thoughts into pictorial shape that to in comic forms. Cartoons are basically critics and illustrative expressions on the events and happenings or advertisements. Cartoonist can think differently and express the same on a board. In a contest a concept can be expressed differently and uniquely by different cartoonists. Cartoon contest is really an amazing event to enjoy and find the creative people.

A contest explores many creative cartoonists who are not yet exposed or away from the creative commercial world. The productive cartoonist can be used in wide field of graphics and animation industry. Cartoonist can be part of entertainment world, Game, Commercial and Motion Graphics productions. Contests may be defined on certain concept under categories. Viewer must be able to understand the expression by the cartoonist. Generally, rare text or words are used in the cartoons. If it is too difficult to understand the text or words may be written in a common language. The contest may allow the cartoonist to create cartoons on present issue in society, or free to their new thoughts.

Cartoon and Cartoonist Fair
A cartoon contest brings many talents together and their creations. Eventually, we can find varieties of people and their cartoon characters and cartoon objects in a contest. The environment inspires many cartoon lovers to get into more in exploration, research and development for Cartoon graphics. The contest may focus on static cartoon or animated cartoon i.e. cartoon movie. Many people including researchers, film producers, and game developers visit the cartoon contest show and interact with cartoonist that brings an instant career opening for them. After the contest the same place may be an exhibition floor for selling of the nice cartoons on the spot. The popularity may spread in a fraction of second by media or people for unique creation and the cartoonist.

The Theme and Event
Every contest has a theme that gives message and entertains. The cartoon contest might have an open theme for participants. The time is scheduled for preparation, creation and submission. The contest is showed to the jury members and public for evaluation and voting. The show may be online or offline depends on the organizers. The final scoring or voting are taken consideration for choosing the best cartoonist. If the contest receives overwhelm responses, they contest continues with different names.

The participants are invited by advertisement or mailer. The interested skilled cartoonist or graphics artists can apply with terms and conditions mentioned in the advertisement. After reading the details and found eligible, an artist can apply. For validity some contest organizers ask a few amounts as entry fee. The participant should be aware on the technical details, format of entries, sizes, resolution etc. Contestants must know what the copyright issues on the materials are after the contest over.

AniBoom is partly involved in cartoon contest and show along with other competitions and shows online and offline. AniBoom prefers to show for public view for evaluation and a great show as well.

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