Choosing the Right Bowflex Elliptical Machine

by David Cowley - Date: 2008-06-01 - Word Count: 588 Share This!

If you've been searching for a Bowflex elliptical machine you may be a bit confused since Bowflex doesn't actually offer elliptical machines in their product catalog.  However Bowflex is owned by Nautilus, which also owns Schwinn brand products, so if you're looking for a Bowflex elliptical you're actually shopping for a Schwinn or Nautilus product.  Many people mean to look for the Bowflex Tread Climber instead of an elliptical machine but we'll review the elliptical machines here as well.

One thing that makes the elliptical exercise machines so popular is that it comes in a wide variety of models so that you're sure to find something that's comfortable for you.  Because any elliptical machine is working a wide variety of leg muscles, it's important to find one that closely matches your stride and that is comfortable for you personally rather than relying on what's at the gym or what someone else uses.  Some are specifically made for those who are taller and some are a bit more compact; while you can often adjust the stride on any Bowflex elliptical you do want to try out a few different models before purchasing the one that's right for you.  Keep in mind too that some are larger than others because they're designed to withstand constant use in a gym; you may want to opt for a smaller model for your own home.

The NE3000 elliptical is probably the best quality model they offer; it's specifically meant for the rigorous use of a gym or spa.  The remote operation control is built into the handles so that you can change features of your workout without moving your hands, which means you can keep up your pace even while making adjustments.  It is made with a frictionless design for maximum ease of movement and less natural resistance; this means you adjust the resistance yourself according to your fitness level.

The 430 series elliptical machines are made for home use and are smaller and more upright than other machines, perfect for cramped quarters of any house or apartment.  You can fix or move the handlebars for more of a comfortable workout for you.

Unlike treadmills the elliptical machines produces a smooth walking motion without the jarring, joint damaging action of walking or running.  For someone with any type of joint or back problem this not impact motions will mean the difference between using the exercise machine and not using it.  What good is any exercise machine if you will not use it.  An elliptical trainer can have a dramatic affect in the way you look and feel about yourself.  The price can range from $300 to over $5,000 so there is something for every budget.

Try before you buy.  Elliptical trainers come in a verity of styles and types.  Front drive, rear drive and center drives are available and no one type is better than the other.  You will need to give each type a try and decide for yourself which one feels best to you.

Probably the best feature of any Bowflex elliptical is that you can trust the Bowflex name.  Their equipment is built to last a lifetime, whether it's a commercial grade model that is expected to be used constantly or a home model that will stand up to just a few hours per day.  When you consider that any exercise equipment should be seen as an investment in your overall health and your longevity then you realize that there's no good reason why anyone shouldn't add a Bowflex elliptical machine to their home gym equipment.

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