3 Future Payment Streams You Can Cash In

by Ivanovich Cuxev - Date: 2007-07-30 - Word Count: 432 Share This!

Currently there are three ways you can turn your future payments into cash. First lets start by giving a simple definition of the term "future payment". Just like the term implies, these are payments made to a recipient (or person) through installments which will add up to the total amount of the monetary instrument after a set number of years. This type of payments are not very attractive to most people who own such items, considering this instrument represents their money and as such there should be some level of flexibility in terms of funds utilization.

In other words if someone has one million dollars in a bank account right now, that million is worth much more than having a million after ten or twenty years. Why?, the fact is that if you take this amount of money and open an interest bearing account you would be making a considerable amount of money just on interest payments which is lost if the funds are received throughout the term of ten to twenty years.

The principles mentioned above are easily applied to financial instruments such as mortgage and business notes, lottery winnings and structured settlements. The one thing all of these items have in common is that they hold a certain value which is paid to a recipient over time.

A good reason to cash in a note is that many times the value of the item gets depreciated over time which will result in higher payments during the first years a structured settlement is received and much lower payments during the last years.

Selling these monetary instruments to cash in on their value is somewhat tricky if you don't know who you are dealing with. The first step towards cashing in a valuable item is doing a proper research about the companies who buy such items. Some of them take away huge fees and closing costs which many consider unavoidable but the truth is that such fees are in fact avoidable, knowing what kind of item you posses and the value of it. Think of them just like the closing fees you are charged when you refinance your house.

Another important factor you should consider when selling a monetary instrument such as the ones described above is to work with an institution who doesn't charge you for an estimate or quote, loosing money this way is not funny so making sure everything is explained as simple as possible is a great step towards getting the full value of your item.

Anyway you go, remember that you are loosing precious interest if you are getting small payments over time.

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