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by THOMAS HOLZ - Date: 2009-03-27 - Word Count: 462 Share This!

Laptops are dropping in price by the minute so it's not surprising if you have another computer. And another copy of Outlook. Wouldn't it be wonderful if both your Outlook clients always had identical data? Yes, that would work and it's called synchronizing.

MS Outlook by default stores all your data in one big file. Normally it's called Outlook.pst. So the first idea one might have is to copy this file over to the respective other computer. And yes, this would work. But it's a bit difficult to find the pst file. Here's how to:
1. Open Outlook
2. Go to the tree with your folders
3. Right-click the topmost item
4. Use "Properties"
5. Use the button "Advanced"

Here one can find the full path of your pst-file. You can simply copy it to the other computer. If you want to automate the transfer of the file, you can use the Freeware Edition of Easy2Sync for Files. Note that you can only copy / replace this file while MS Outlook isn't running.

However, one can only copy the file while MS Outlook isn't running. And whenever you replace the Outlook.pst file, you should know that you're replacing the entire contents. This can be a threat if you changed contacts on both computers since the last copying.

So you require something different. Copying the file isn't enough. You need to synch the file's contents. Bad news is: You can't do this by copying files. You need a special tool to to the job. But the good news is: There's a fantastic tool online that does the work for you. It's called Easy2Sync for Outlook. The tool is specialised on Outlook sync tasks and does all the work of watching where items have changed and copying the changes. So you don't need to copy files any longer, you only need to run the synch. And you don't need to remember which computer owns the most recent version as the synch tool will automatically handle this for you.

But that's just one of the advantages. This synch tool also allows you to exclude a part of your contacts from the synch, since you're not copying the complete file any more. You can for example exclude folders that you don't need, or limit the synch to your tasks. Or you can synch only the private tasks and so on.

So, a good synch tool like Easy2Sync can save you lots of time. Manually copying PST files can be an easy beginning for trying things out, but to work every day you need a real synch tool.

About the Author: Thomas Holz is writing software for Outlook several years now. He's published programs to find duplicates, to use text modules in Outlook and to synchronize Outlook.

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