Sunny Real Estate Forecast For Savvy Realtors Despite Market Dips and Fluctuations

by Kathi Dameron - Date: 2007-03-03 - Word Count: 321 Share This!

According to the Florida Association of Realtors, statewide sales for single-family homes dropped 27% in January 2007 as compared with sales for January 2006.

The Florida numbers shot down from 12,906 houses sold in January '06 to 9,382 houses sold in January'07.

In Tallahassee, realtor sales on single-family, existing homes dropped 31%, which while isn't the largest drop statewide; Tallahassee ranks among one of the deeper drops in the state.

The good news is that houses will continue to be bought and sold. Maybe not as many, which means the competition to maintain market share will be that much greater.

What can savvy real estate agents do to increase their opportunities regardless of market dips and fluctuations?

In our increasingly paperless world, differentiating yourself means more than simply investing in print advertising and expecting the classic strategies to offer the same bang for the buck that they once did.

With more than 77% of real estate buyers using the Internet for home searches, it is a no-brainer to realize that online presence is essential.

But the reality is everyone has a website. So how do you differentiate yourself from all the other realtors who engage in real estate activity in Tallahassee, Florida or anywhere else for that matter?

If someone is looking for a house, it is much easier to sit down at the convenience of their computer and do an Internet search, where not only with the click of their mouse, are they able to see available properties in their price range, but they can take virtual tours.

As a realtor you know all this. But what you might not know are the ways to engage house hunters' interest before they agree to work with another agent.

The future of the real estate business will be sunny for those who embrace the paradigm shift to online initial engagement. You can achieve this through fresh, rich content that stirs the imagination and speaks into the soul.

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