What Are The Causes That Propel High Level Of Blood Pressure?

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There could be n number of factors giving way to hypertension. Although some of its causes are the complications that are quite evident; but most of the times it is very difficult to track exact cause of hypertension.

Medical evidences suggest that in case of ninety percent cases knowing the exact cause seems impossible. That's why most of the time folks get to know about their affliction with hypertension very late. Till then this quiet killer would do enough damage to your body.

Two very common causes are nephrological abnormality or dysfunctions and arterial constriction or blockages. Both of these causes make hindrance in the smooth flow of blood in arteries making heart to pump out blood by exerting more force thus leading to a surge in pressure on the flowing blood. Nephrological disorder based hypertension is known as renal hypertension.

There could be various other reasons such as excess deposition of cholesterol. In fact high level of cholesterol happens to be a major facilitator of hypertension. This excess of lipoprotein results in either narrowing of arteries or plaque formation. Both of these phenomenons perturb normal movement of blood in arteries compelling heart to impose a little extra pressure over the outgoing blood. This is the way hypertension develops among obese and bulky people. If not checked on time, it may cause stroke. Diabetics are very much susceptible to this type of high blood pressure.

Diabetics could fall prey to hypertension because of one more reason other than high cholesterol. Since diabetics suffer from high blood sugar level, their blood gets thickened due to excess of sugar molecules in blood. Because of this, thickening blood can't keep up with normal pace of flow making heart to put extra pressure on blood flow and the result is occurrence of high blood pressure. Even normal people with extra intake of sugar and rich diet could suffer from hypertension due to this reason.

Inheritance happens to be a vital cause of hypertension. Going by the fact around twenty five percent of hypertension patients round the globe develop this disease because of inheritance.

Congenital aorta disorder is another major cause of hypertension. Higher catabolic and anabolic reaction rate also contribute to the malady.

There could other life style reasons such as excessive drinking and smoking leading to high blood pressure. Even excess of caffeine could result in high blood pressure.

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