How To Play Your Favorite Game Of Soccer With High Blood Pressure?

by Ashish Jain - Date: 2006-11-08 - Word Count: 394 Share This!

The laws of blood pressure can be compared to the laws of waves in an ocean. It is difficult to measure their intensity and the exact time of arrival. Similarly, the causes of the high blood pressure are till today a mystery. Serious guesswork is going on, but nothing is known. But one thing is certain. When you have an attack of high blood pressure you feel awful. Given the background of its misdeeds, that it is capable of making you paralytic, give heart diseases and heart attacks, result in failure of kidneys, it is most feared. It needs to be taken care off well in time. Why not try the methods of recreation?

Should you control your physical activities if you are a blood pressure patient? Not at all. The control is required elsewhere. What are the reasons for you to have high blood pressure? You are the best judge of it. It is taught in the college of self education, where your mind is your Principal. Your doctor can give his opinion on the basis of the data that you are going to provide to him.

Being a high blood pressure patient, can you play soccer? As man of positive thinking, I would say, definitely yes, if your blood pressure is due to stress. Stress is one of the major causes of blood pressure. And soccer is such a wonderful game, to beat it.

The beauty of the game of soccer is that, this game provides you 90 minutes of great physical and mental activity. It is a fast moving and quick thinking game. You have many opponents to tackle and you can only use your feet and head to hit the ball. There are moves and counter moves, push and pulls, the shouts and the applause from the gallery, the dominant will to score goals and win. So many important emotions are involved in the game of soccer.

This brisk activity of soccer washes off most of the impurities within your body in the form of perspiration. Therefore, you see majority, nay all of the soccer players hale and hearty and possess excellent stamina. If they have temporary hypertension, it may be due to their team not scoring the goal, and if once the objective is achieved, you can see the cheerful disposition in their smiling faces, with no pressure at all!

It is pleasure instead!

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