The Effects Divorce Has on Children

by James Walsh - Date: 2007-06-28 - Word Count: 675 Share This!

When they come to know that their parents moved to the court to seek divorce, they would not take the issue lightly. The children would feel insecure and the fear would predominantly pierce into the minds of the tiny tots. The fear that they might lose either one of the parents, would not allow the children to move on further. There will be a low level of concentration on their education and other extracurricular activities. The child would stop taking food sufficiently and would undergo sleepless nights.
Unless and until the arrangement for the child has been made, the divorce would not be granted. In the cases of disputes, the interest of the child would be the paramount and so the involvement of the children in the case is unavoidable. That is the reason why it is highly difficult to keep them away from all the proceedings. They will know each and every move of their parents, as they are also involved in the proceedings. Though the parents cannot protect their children from the turmoil, at least they can reduce the volume of burden by settling down the issues amicably.
If the parents sit together and discuss the disputable issues such as spousal maintenance, child custody, division of property and pension issues, they could arrive at a consensus. The degree of depression might also be reduced. However, for this they need to compromise on certain issues.
The first and foremost thing would be that they have to go for uncontested divorce. Uncontested divorce is nothing but settling down all the issues mutually outside the courtroom. Under these types of divorces, couples need not go and search for a solicitor. It involves fewer complications, so the couples do not need the help of a solicitor to advocate their cause. All the complicated issues would be discussed and they would come to terms in the form of an agreement. However, even if either of the spouses is unwilling to seek divorce or differ on certain issues, the divorce would not be in an uncontested way.
If the couples disagree on the issues, then the divorce would be contested in the courtroom. The court will decide on the matters regarding the couples, but it is a time-consuming process and it definitely requires the services of a solicitor.
In these days, most of the couples prefer uncontested divorce, as they could cut down the lengthy legal process. These types of divorces cost lesser than the cost of litigation. If the couples have children, it is highly advisable for them to go for an uncontested divorce. Even if the couples have differences of opinion, for the sake of their children, they have to sit down and sort out the issues in a friendly manner.
Several scientific studies have revealed that the ongoing process of divorce and its aftermath are severe on the children. The exchange of words between them in the court and the altercations would make the children lose their confidence. They would be gripped more by the fear that they have lost their parents.
In the cases of uncontested divorce, it has been proved that the children have lesser degree of tension and depression. It is also widely accepted that if the divorced parents continue to maintain cordial relationship between them, it would nurture the children in a different way. If the parents stop exchanging negative words against each other, then the children would not feel that they have lost one parent.
Another study says that the children who had experienced their parent's divorce in their childhood, had poor concentration skills, low academic standards, physical and psychological disorders and lower standard of living. There are also more chances for them of being addicted to bad habits. In the future, they are also prone to suffer from low marital satisfaction and the chances of getting divorce are also high among them.
Prevention is better than cure, so it is better if the parents opt for an uncontested divorce and reduce the strains on the children by doing good to them.

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