6 Tips For Preventing Deaths Inside the Home

by Richard Armen - Date: 2010-10-06 - Word Count: 523 Share This!

Many young children are taught that dangers exist in the wider world, not lurking inside their own home. While of course it's important to teach your kids about "stranger danger," it is just as important to protect children from the dangers inside the home. In fact, thousands of deaths and millions of hospital visits every year are blamed on accidents inside and around the home. Meanwhile, families are busy installing home security dangers to keep intruders out. These accidental injuries and deaths could be prevented if you are aware of the danger and take steps to protect your family. Here are the top 6 causes of accidental injury and deaths in the home:

1. Falls. Both the young and old are susceptible to this threat, as is anyone who climbs onto the roof of the house to hang Christmas lights, runs down the stairs in a rush, or is not paying attention to where they are going. To prevent falls, install rails on the stairways and slip-proof rugs in bathrooms and kitchens, and make sure such areas are adequately lit. Also make sure your home has enough ladders so that you don't feel tempted to reach objects without one. Throw rugs are a common cause of slips in the home. Make sure they are secured to the underlying flooring or remove them.

2. Poisoning. This tragic cause of death is 100% preventable. Keep all chemicals, cleaning solutions, and medications under lock and key. These items may be found in surprising places around the home, not only in the bathroom and kitchen but also the shed, garage, or attic.

3. Fire. This leading cause of accidental deaths often tops families' lists of home security fears, though far too many families do nothing to prevent this possibility. Make an escape plan, check smoke detector batteries regularly, and place both fire extinguishers and fire escape ladders around the home. Make sure all family members, especially kids and teens, know cooking safety guidelines so that they don't get burnt while in the kitchen.

4. Choking or suffocating. At least one family member should have up-to-date training on the Heimlich maneuver, a procedure used to help someone who is choking. Keep plastic bags and small items which may be swallowed out of the reach of small children.

5. Drowning. Even an adult can drown in a surprisingly small body of water. Backyard pools pose a huge threat, even if you don't have kids. Always keep your pool or hot tub fenced in, with a secure lock. Use a swimming pool alarm to alert you to someone falling or jumping into the water without supervision.

6. Failure to adequately childproof the home. Young children can get into all sorts of trouble with hanging electrical cords or window blind cords. Kids can also bump into sharp corners of furniture or even pull furniture over on top of themselves if it's not secured properly. Use basic childproofing supplies, such as electrical outlet covers and drawer latches, to keep children safe from these types of threats.

Families often consider their home a safe haven, and in doing so neglect to take even simple steps to make their home safer.

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