Remortgaze: Second Mortgaze of your Asset to Draw Double Benefit

by Mathew Kenny - Date: 2007-08-10 - Word Count: 384 Share This!

Remortgage refers to mortgaging the existing mortgage. A mortgage is the property secured against a loan which is prone to be confiscated in case the loan is left unpaid. It comes into use when a person can not finance himself in order to make a purchase. A remortgage proves to be particularly useful when one is in need of urgent cash. This process is extremely yielding as the borrower is able to get a loan at a much lower rate.

One must make sure that the right lender is found and for this a lot of research is to be put in the matter. Searching online is a viable option as it is relatively easy to compare rates this way. Information on remortgages in the UK is obtainable from multiple sources in the net. All one needs to do is to fill up a form and submit the necessary documents for verification purposes. This process could take about 6 weeks. After the required formalities are completed, the prospective borrower will be contacted by the officials of the bank or respective agency. A remortgage has many advantages, one of which being the low interest rates and the reduced monthly payments. Remortgages can also help in debt consolidation. This is due to the fact that the payments are reduced and the interest rates are lower. The existing debt is paid off and the loan is repaid in a single reduced monthly installment. No matter how bad one's credit history is, getting a remortgage is never too much of a problem. This is because the loan is granted against collateral. The institute is free to take over the property if the loan is unpaid. An adverse credit remortgage may be used to improve the mortgaging contract. The contract may also be moved to a different lender to help with the payments or incase a better interest rate is available.
Remortgages are also helpful when trying to free up funds. Usually a person remortgages his home for such a purpose. The loan amount that the borrower can get depends on the equity of the home. The higher the equity, the higher the loan amount, and better the interest rate. When the worth of the home grows more than the mortgaged amount, the home is said to have considerable equity.

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