Going Green on Strict Budgets

by Jeff Nelson - Date: 2008-10-23 - Word Count: 510 Share This!

Going green is a phrase that is all over the place today, whether it is in the news or being talked about in schools. The whole idea of going green is trying to make our world more environmentally friendly, and during an economic crisis like the one we are in going green can also help save money. Many people have the common misconception that the only way to go green is by purchasing products that are better for the environment, as a result of this many people don't do this because their budgets don't allow. This is incorrect and here are some ways that you can go green without breaking down your budgets.

One way that you can go green while saving money is by changing the type of light bulb that you use. Many light bulbs that are used in homes today use three times the amount of energy that a compact fluorescent light bulb uses. By purchasing compact fluorescent light bulbs your monthly budgets will never suffer because purchasing them can save you as much as $800 dollars in your lifetime. Also, because compact fluorescent light bulbs use less energy they also produce half as much heat as standard light bulbs, which can decrease the amount of heat during those hot summer months. Using these light bulbs eliminates greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and in turn decreasing your carbon footprint on the atmosphere.

Another way you can stay within your monthly household budgets by going green is by reducing the amount of water you use, and the temperature of the water. The lower the temperature of the water used during your daily shower, the better it is for the environment. It doesn't have to be cold but the lower the temperature the better, it will still get you clean, and it will wake you up! Also, when you wash your clothing wash it in cold water, it works just as well as hot water when it comes to cleaning power. It will also help to take showers instead of baths; baths use almost double the amount of water than showers do. By following these easy tips budgets will become easier to follow because all of the things listed will help save you money.

One final way to go green while saving money is by turning off your television when you are out of the room or sleeping. Millions of Americans fall asleep every night with the television on. By simply turning off your television before you fall asleep can not only will save you money on your electricity bill it will also decrease the amount of electricity used which helps the mission to go green. Besides, turning off the television will allow you to get a better night sleep because you won't be woken up by annoying commercials at 3 A.M!

Going green is a movement that we as Americans need to join in order to make our home safer for future generations. By going green you will not only help the environment you will save money on your monthly budgets.

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