Key West Airport

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Located in the chain of islands that extends southwest of Miami, Florida, Key West is found 159 miles southwest of Miami and 90 miles north of Havana. You can fly into Key West International Airport that is serviced by USAir Express, Delta Connection, American Eagle, and Comair.

The island is believed to measure 1 mile by 3 miles or with the inclusion of adjacent islands such as Dredgers Key, Flaming Key, and Stock Island.

Along with the changes in size, the population of the island also varies. According to the 1990 census, its population is at 4,832 while the population of the whole Keys, excluding Monroe country, is pegged at 78,024.

Cayo Hueso is the Spanish term for "Island of Bones." According to historical accounts, when Ponce de Leon first arrived at the island, it was littered with bones of Indians who lived on the island, thus earning the term Island of Bones. It is believed that the term "key" is an Anglicization of Cayo, although it is not clear if "west" came from Hueso or if the term came from its geographical location.

There are various local travel concierges in hotels that can give you important advice and arrange activities on the island for you. Although when you get into town, boat trips may be full and restaurants fully booked.

Often, it is hard for the concierge to find time to assist you since hotels are overwhelmed with too many requests. You also would not want to spend your vacation planning your activities yourself.

The good news is that there are independent Key West guides that can give you concierge and booking services for anything that you would like to do or anywhere you want to go.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your vacation in Key West, remember to have fun and to enjoy your vacation in this island paradise.

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