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by Blake Dexter - Date: 2007-02-03 - Word Count: 519 Share This!

Is it just me or have others noticed that there is an on going problem in our society. Every evening when you watch the news on TV or when you read your morning newspaper the news is always bleak. You see these horror stories about children that have been abducted or about a grandmother who has had her retirement savings stolen or you read about a person who has had their identity stolen and has lost all their money.

No wonder more and more people are turning to the web to do research on new people they meet, business people they may partner with, neighborhoods they may move into or even potential marriage partners.

I have a friend named Carl that has become a spy web detective. The reason Carl became a spy web detective is because he had a very bad experience with a business partner that cost him a lot of money.

Let me tell you Carl's story. Carl was an ordinary guy who worked his butt off because he had a dream and that dream was to open up a chain of hair salons for men. Carl new all about the hair salon business as he was a great hair stylist. He had been cutting hair and saving his money for about 10 years. His plan was to open with a single salon and then once that was a success he would expand.

Anyhow, Carl was close to accumulating the funds for his first salon when he happened to mention his dream to one of his clients. Carl had been cutting this man's hair for about a year and when Carl mentioned his plans the man became very interested. Not only did he become interested but he started to elaborate on Carl's plans and insisted that Carl could open up a chain of hair salons without having all the funding necessary.

My friend Carl became very excited about this opportunity and the man suggested they form a partnership. Carl jumped at the opportunity. The man sounded like he knew what was doing and he knew his way around bankers and loan officers. Carl was ecstatic with the realization that his dream was coming true and lot quicker than he thought possible.

To make a long story short the man Carl trusted so much took Carl for every penny he had. Carl was heart broken. Carl eventually did a background check on this man - something he should have done in the first place - and found out this man was a known thief. He had even done time in prison for embezzlement.

And that is why Carl is now a spy web detective. Every person he meets he does a background check on the web before he strikes up even a casual friendship. Not only that but before Carl got engaged he ran a background check on the web on his girlfriend.

I've known Carl since we were in high school together. And to show you how pessimistic Carl has become about people and how much of a web spy detective he has become - he ran a background check on me last week.

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