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Kenya African safari adventure

Only in Kenya safari of africa will you find such diverse tourism attractions. Kenya is in east africa and is endowed with large herds of wildlife, wild safari places, scenic landscapes, mountains,rivers, lakes and the great rift valley. Few places in the world have such a wide diversity of attraction than in Kenya.

African safari of Kenya takes you through the arid northern Kenya to the lush green and turquoise colored waters of the indian ocean; from the scenic mountains of central Kenya to the flamingo filled sight seeing lakes in the rift valley; from the elephants of Amboseli national park in the shadows of mt. Kilimnajaro to the hot water geysers and springs of lake Baringo on the floor of the great rift valley. African sight seeing safaris promise to deliver the most breath taking safari vacations only in Kenya.

The Great Rift Valley Tour In Your African Safari

Kenyan great rift valley cuts across the contry in some of the most dramatic and scenic panoramas and miles- long depressions. Kenyan rift valley is the eastern arm of the two pronged african rift system. The western arm of the great rift valley passes through western Uganda, rwanda, DRC, and malawi. This is called the albertine rift valley. The great rift valley floor in Kenya is dotted with shallow blue-green alkaline lakes, volcanic mountains and hot springs and geysers.

Some of the most famous landmarks in the Kenyan greta rift valley include the Lake nakuru and its resident 2.5 million flamingos, lake Bogoria with its scenic mountainous background and geysers that spew hot water and steam up to 10m, the volcanic active mountains of mt. Longonot, Menegai crater (still smoldering for over 1000 years, mt. Suswa, and the furtherst Kenya north jade sea (Lake Turkana). Greta rift valley safari in Kenya is enough to leave you awed at the sites and scenery. There are also many other national parks and Kenya safari wildlife on the rift valley floor. Numerous view points are located on the western escarpment of the rift valley along the Kikuyu highlands. Here your tour will usually make stop overs for a chance to appreciate the incredible hazy undulation of the rift valley floor. Simply breathtaking.

African beach tour in the Kenyan coast

Yes, Kenya does have a coastline. Most visitors do not remember to include a Kenya beach tour in their itinerary. The Kenya coast is popularly known for its magical and the chequered history of Mombasa. Mombasa beach is synonymous to the Kenya beach safaris. Mombasa Kenya consists of the northern and southern mainlands that sorround a central city island of mombasa. The mombasa island is a cosmopolitan commercial district andits tourist pull is heavily overshadowed by the paradise-like white sandy beaches of the southern and northern Kenya beaches.

In the north Kenyan coast, the sandy beaches stretch for miles upon miles with some areas being more developed for tourism than others. The furthest Kenya north coast is lamu mainland, a short distance to the somalia coast. The north coast of Kenya has developed into satelite tourism resorts along the coast. These Kenya coast resorts towns have developed around the main Kenya beach hotels in the areas.

The towns provide tourism support services like banking, food, communication including internet, telephone and fax, transport among others. The most popular north of mombasa holiday resorts include Nyali Kenya beach, Bamburi Kenya beach, Kilifi Kenya beach and tour resort, malindi Kenya beach safari resort and the lamu Kenya island beach and old stone town.

The south coast of mombasa beach safari has two main but secluded Kenya water safari resorts. Immediately after likoni ferry connceting the mombasa island with the southern mainland is the Tiwi tourism resort. Tiwi african Kenya safari resort is mainly a cottage affair with many of the tourst establishments handling less than 20 people. It is less developed than the other areas further south of mombasa.

Diani Kenya beach vacation resort is the most developed and splendid resort on the south coast. With over 20 Kenya luxury beach hotels, cottages, vacation rentals, homes, clubs and resorts; diani is simply a tourist town in the middle of the bush. Diani is a recent Kenya coast tourist centre than the older malindi tourist resort. Diani is wellserved with feeder roads and a shopping centre on located on the beach road that runs north to south along the gates to these luxury beach hotels. Further south, the mombasa beach line is less developed and offer some of the most exclusive beach hotels and condominiums money can buy.

Kenya Animal National Parks-the Ultimate African Safari Travel

Kenya national parks are by far the most famous african safari holiday attraction. Located in the most remote places, kenya national parks host the most diverse of african animals including elephants, lions, cheetahs, leopards, rhino, hippo, buffallo, giraffe and many other plains game. Each of the kenya national park is distinct and with a different strong point than the other.

While other kenya vacation animal parks are most visited for their elephants,others are visited for their landscape. While others offer picturesque lakes dotted with millions of birds, others are well known for their annual wildebeest migration. Its is never enough to vist a simgle park and call that an african kenya safari itinerary.

some of the most famous kenya safari parks have the highest density of safari wildlife in africa. While other kenya animal parks will have less wildlife, they compensate this lack or rarity with beautiful sightseeing vistas, ranges, mountains and lakes. Some of the most visited kenya day safari parks include the below

The masai mara - Kenya wildebeest migration park with breathtaking river crossings and huge density of other wildlife including the african lion

The Lake nakuru national park- the kenyan lake safari park with millions of flamingos and other birds. It is a global conservation site (Ramsar site) and a rhino sanctuary. This is the only park you are guaranteed a sighting of the elusive and highly endangered black and white rhino. Plenty of giraffe too.

Amboseli national park-this is the postcard african safari picture of an elephant grazing with an ice-capped mountain in the background. Amboseli national park tour is the ultimate symbol of a kenyan parks safari. The amboseli national park is next to the kenya-tanzania border and beneath the voluminous ice-capped mount kilimanjaro. The pak is famous for its large herds of elephant wallowing in the many water ponds.

Tsavo national park-this is famously reffered to as the maneater african lion park. The 20,000km squared park is the size of israel and has the most divesrse and best scenery. Tsavo west national park tour is the best and leading sightseeing kenya and african safari park. There are also many wildlife found here including the big five.

Other popular kenya vacation park safari include the below:
Nairobi national park lion and rhino kenya day safari tour
Aberdares national park kenya mountain safari tour
Mount kenya mountain adventure safari in kenya travel spot
Samburu game reserve-kenya north safari park
Shaba national park
Sibiloi national park -northern kenya archeological safari tour
Kisite mpunguti marine national park for Kenya coral garden snorkeling and diving among others

There are other many kenya safari vacation attractions besides the ones discussed above. In essence it would take you more than a month to do comprehensive kenya safari around most of its attractions, sites, places, spots and destinations.

Enjoy your Kenya african safari holiday!!

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