How To Choose Your Cruise (Popular Themes & Packages)

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You went on your very first cruise last summer, and you have been dreaming of going to another one ever since. You have scoured the internet for the best cruise to take, but there are so many of them that you are having much difficulty choosing one.

The rates also vary greatly and you are wary about deciding on purchasing a ticket to one, in the fear that afterwards, you will find that there are other cruises that cost much less.

The trick to finding the perfect cruise ship for you is in trying to match your main interests to the cruise ship you shall take. Below is the list of the most popular themes and packages for cruises.

Food & Wine Cruise

A Food & Wine Cruise is pretty self-explanatory – in essence, it is a cruise whose main focus consists of a lot of food and a lot more wine. Lectures or lessons may be conducted on the basics of wine tasting, and perhaps discussions on fine food and fine dining.

It will be a great cruise for those who want to take a cruise that will not only provide them with a great experience, but will also lead them to acquiring a more experienced and inquiring palette.

Literary & Fine Arts Cruise

For those who are partial towards the arts, a literary and fine arts cruise may be perfect for you.

Here you will be able to visit picturesque places, perhaps attend readings and discussions on books and poetry. You might even be able to attend some art classes where you can try painting the wonderful views you will see during the cruise.

Murder Mystery Cruise

Want a cruise that’s a little more adventurous? Why not take a cruise that’s filled with danger and mystery? Of course, it’s all just pretend, but it’s a great way to spend a vacation. Spend days on a ship trying to solve a murder mystery.

Don’t trust anyone, suspect everyone. Just make sure they don’t suspect you.

Celebrity Cruise

Some cruise companies offer themed cruises with popular celebrities on them, for the enjoyment of the entire family. Meet and greet your favorite celebrities, dine and dance with them, and expect nothing more than pure entertainment.

American Safari Cruise

For people who love adventure and the outdoors, consider taking an American safari cruise, where you will be taken to wild destinations across the United States and Latin America.

You’ll see the most beautiful animals in their natural habitats – an explorer’s every dream. Such cruises offer trips to the Alaskan wilderness, the Pacific Northwest, snake rivers, Mexico’s Sea of Cortes, and so on.

Ancient Adventure Cruise

If you’re more of a history buff, try going to an ancient adventure cruise. Here you will gain knowledge on the rich history and culture of the places you will visit. It’s like going to a school field trip, only you’re on a boat instead of a bus, and it’s a lot more luxurious. It’s a great way to have fun and learn at the same time.

Golf Cruise

If you love golf, you're gonna love this! Cruising offers a unique opportunity to experience a variety of spectacular golf courses, each in a different country or island.

It's a great way to have a fun time cruising without missing out some action on the golf course.

Last Minute Cruise

If you live life in the fast lane & have no time to plan or if you just dislike planning, there are last minute cruise deals just for you. Just click on the link & see if you find any last minute cruise deal that you like.


There is such a wide variety of themed cruises to choose from that there is sure to be at least one cruise that’s perfect for every person. So scour the internet for the perfect cruise vacation, and once you find it, take it immediately and prepare to have a wonderful time vacationing.

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