Grunt Level Travel Tips for Going Abroad

by Burton Jones - Date: 2007-01-17 - Word Count: 446 Share This!

Traveling is a fairly basic task. You are here. You go there. You enter an entirely new world, at least when you go abroad. Here are some grunt level tips to get you through the days.

Traveling is one of the great things we get to do in our lives. There are hundreds of countries on this planet, and I for one would like to visit them all. Okay, maybe not a few of them, but you get my drift. While each country holds unique and interesting things just waiting to be discovered, they are unique and interesting because they are different. This means you and I are immersed in an entirely new world when we travel abroad.

There are over 5,000 languages spoken in the world as I write this. Nobody knows them all. When you head abroad, there is a very good chance you are going to have difficulties communication. Even if you go to a country that speaks the same language, dialects and such can make it difficult.

The first rule for overcoming this is not to speak loudly. People are not deaf. They just don't understand what you want. If you are smart, you will have learned a few phrases before going. If not, take a long a travel guide. It should have a few basic phrases in it which you can thrash as you try to communicate. Make any effort whatsoever to speak in the native language and people will almost always go out of their way to help you.

While traveling is a great way to experience new things, you can't lose your bearings. If you wouldn't do something in your home town, why would you do it in another country where you probably don't even know the law? Travelers do this all the time and it can lead to problems. If you smoke, drink, ride or do something you normally would not, don't be surprised when you get hurt, robbed, lost, etc. Common sense applies in all locations.

Time is another thing to consider when traveling. I am not talking about the time difference between your home town and your destination. I am focusing on when people are up and about at your destination. In parts of Asia, people are up by five in the morning and asleep by nine. In Spain, many cities and towns more or less close down for a few hours in the afternoon. Know the unique time limits of your destination and plan accordingly.

The above tips will help you get through your travels with a minimum of fuss. Heck, half the fun is making a fool out of yourself in some random location where you don't speak the language!

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