A Drive Through Gettysburg

by Tim Janis - Date: 2007-03-08 - Word Count: 430 Share This!

If you are into history and you love learning about the Civil War then you need to take a trip through Gettysburg. I had the privilege of growing up in the area and was able to spend many weekends in the Gettysburg National Park, driving around and looking at the history that is so predominant in that area. I also spent a lot of time looking at the wildlife that was around, and since they were protected by the government they were there in large numbers. I can remember seeing herds of deer out in the open fields that just stayed there and let you look at them for a long time, they simply weren't afraid. Here is the route that I took through Gettysburg and what it is that I got to see.

Coming from the area of Waynesboro you enter Gettysburg and go to the top of a hill. A light at the top of the hill is your signal to turn right and enter the park. Along the first stretch of road there are several privately owned buildings as well as some farm land but soon you will begin to see the cannons. The rows of cannons sit looking across the open fields, silent now but still bringing visions of smoke and war into your mind. After going through this part of the trip you will come to an observation tower. If you are brave enough to climb the stairs to the top you will get a birds eye view of the park.

Going further around the road you will come to the areas of little round top and big round top. You will also be able to look down across the small valley and over to Devil's Den. It was from that large group of rocks that snipers fired over to big round top and the gunfire was returned. Take some time to read the plaques on Big Round Top, they are very interesting.

The road then travels down past Devil's Den and eventually find it's way over to the Pennsylvania Monument and is in the area of the goal of Pickett's Charge. This is an interesting part of the drive and is near some nice museums where you can learn more about the area. The road finally empties out into civilization again and if you take right you will find yourself going right into the Gettysburg Square. There are a lot of places to eat along the way. I hope that you enjoy your visit to Gettysburg and that you took my old route past all the history.

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