Why Couples & Newly Weds Go Cruising?

by Samuel Ng - Date: 2006-12-05 - Word Count: 601 Share This!

Weaving your own love story.....

Many a movie and love story has been in romantic settings, usually involving nature. Man meets woman on the shore or aboard a train or even in the most unimaginable situations.

Many women (and even some men!) find themselves deeply engrossed with these love stories, waiting for the happy ending after two hours of lovely backgrounds and well-arranged and delivered lines.

But why let the story end there and confine yourself to merely watching them? You can actually celebrate your own new marital bliss or rekindle old flames of your marriage not just with the camera but with the lovely backdrop of the ocean by means of being in a cruise with your one and only.

This is really the opportunity to splurge on a cruise. And it is not actually accurately described as splurging because the non-monetary benefits of being in a cruise with your lifetime partner is priceless and irreplaceable.

You may have other bonding options, but cruises are on the top of the list of things couples do together for good reason. It is definitely the best way to celebrate marital bliss whether it is new or on the verge of soaring to a new level.

There are special packages for couples and one just has to be resourceful and specific with what kind and for how long do they intend to embark on a cruise. The planning in itself can actually help couples reconnect with each other in a different way. While deciding on things as mundane as water bills and electric bills can end up burning couples out, deciding on which adventure to take together is clearly something else.

Couples may find that being on a cruise gives them a huge amount of privacy. A routinary life filled with caring for children and working can take a toll even on the most strong relationships.

A vacation which allows husband and wife to take time together and show love for each other in the most intimate way is something needed by every couple from time to time. It's like tuning up a piano to make sure it continues to play sweet and well-toned music.

Most couples who end up getting divorced are those who tend to take each other for granted and did not make an effort to revive that spark which newlyweds have for each other in huge amounts.

In a cruise, there will be no work and so much time for couples to focus on each other and the possible goals they have in the near future. Ordinary avenues hardly leave any room for dreams and innermost thoughts and fears. But being in an exotic backdrop can definitely stir a couple's hidden passions and enable them to unleash it to their partners in a good way.

Exploration of exotic places together can actually serve to strengthen the bond and increase the positive memories couples have of each other. This keeps them from looking in another direction since the cruise in itself fosters an environment of exclusivity and romance.

Another thing that a cruise can bring is that it can actually unveil incredible facets of your partner which you never thought existed. A different setting can incite different reactions from any person, and this can help both partners get to know each other more in a deeper way.

Cruises can be considered symbolic of the journey that couples take together in their very lives, and it can actually do more wonders than any couple dares to imagine. It is truly a way for real life people to weave their own love stories. So go ahead, book a cruise for your honeymoon or wedding anniversary.

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