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    • 81.

      Apartment Hunting 101: Your Leasing Agent

      by Kinanbeck - 2007-09-25
      "Looking for an apartment can be a time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming experience. Trying to sort through all of the different apartment listings can be quite tedious and deciding which o...
    • 82.

      Renting An Apartment After Foreclosure

      by Nick Adama - 2007-09-29
      This article is for those homeowners who have decided that they can not keep their current home and are seeking to move on, instead of trying to work out a solution that will stop foreclosure. The sit...
    • 83.

      Buying & Selling on Real Estate Virtually

      by Deepali Srivastav - 2007-09-25
      The world is moving fast and technology has shrunk hours of works into minutes. We can withdraw cash, wash clothes, send messages and even cook food, all at the press of a button.Internet has a ...
    • 84.

      Chennai ‘The Next Big thing' in Real Estate

      by George Gonigal - 2007-10-08
      Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu is the fourth largest metropolitan city of India and enjoys the status of being one of the most viable cities for real estate development. In recent times Chen...
    • 85.

      Premium Housing Picks Up In Bangalore Real Estate

      by George Gonigal - 2007-10-10
      Residential real estate in Bangalore has entered quite an interesting phase. On one side, the demand for luxury housing has been picking up well in the city-internationally famous as the cyber hub of ...
    • 86.

      Bangalore Reaching New Heights

      by George Gonigal - 2007-10-09
      Bangalore, the capital of the southern state of Karnataka, is Asia's fastest growing cosmopolitan city. It is the favorite destination for most high tech industries in India. The IT Software Ser...
    • 87.

      Mumbai Real Estate - presenting new opportunities

      by George Gonigal - 2007-10-08
      Mumbai is the most desired city for buying, selling or renting a property in India. A teeming metropolis, it has witnessed a burgeoning demand and supply of properties over the last couple of ye...
    • 88.

      Kolkata setting new real estate standards

      by George Gonigal - 2007-10-11
      Kolkata, the ‘City of Joy' and capital state of West Bengal is supposed to be one of the most inexpensive cities in India. But now the scene is completely different as the Kolkata real estate ...
    • 89.

      Advice on Renting Holiday Accommodations Online

      by Martin Thompson - 2007-10-23
      Holiday villas and apartments have become a popular alternative to Hotels and B&BS for tourists going on holiday. Advantages include greater privacy, the opportunity to cater for oneself, a more homel...
    • 90.

      6 Unique Apartment Pets

      by Jeff Swett - 2007-10-24
      Nothing makes apartment living fun like a playful pet. Fido and Felix bring a number of new elements to an apartment other than the additional smell. On any given day pets add companionship, humor, pe...