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  1. Automating Library Instruction

    by Samuel Bryant - 2008-10-29
    An area of automation that would reduce the amount of work for librarians while increasing the ability of the patron to effectively use the computer and the Internet resides within the world of video...
  2. Ie Spelling Rule

    by Steve Morgan - 2008-10-15
    I was never any good at spelling when I was at school. I could read well but I didn't choose to - I was a reluctant reader so I never really caught on to the aspects of spelling. Everything to me had...
  3. Communication and Autism

    by jANINE - 2008-10-10
    Astonishingly up to 50 percent of autistic children will never develop speech, whilst the others will develop some form of early communication skills. However, autistic children rarely engage in effe...
  4. Autism Social Stories - Eating Out

    by jANINE - 2008-10-09
    We all love going out to eat...But when your child is autistic this family treat can become a family nightmare. There are various ways to prepare your autistic child for eating out. You could start ...