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  1. Why Is Podcasting So Popular Now?

    by gihan Perera. - 2008-10-03
    In 2005, the New Oxford American Dictionary defined "podcast" as its word of the year.Three key things have made podcasting spread so far and wide so quickly in the last few years.1. Broadband Intern...
  2. Choosing The Right Type Of Internet Marketing

    by Anthony Miller - 2008-09-15
    One of the most difficult things in Internet marketing is trying to figure out the best way to tell people about what you have. If you make the wrong decision, it can have disastrous results. So here ...
  3. Using Podcast Submissions To Enhance Your Podcast Marketing Strategy

    by Christopher Conlan - 2008-07-25
    Podcast marketing is a crucial part of your overall podcast strategy. Once you've developed the idea, bought the equipment, downloaded the software and created your podcast the next question is "how d...
  4. Podcasting - Make Your Voice Heard!

    by Wolf Krammel - 2008-07-04
    Podcasting has become extremely popular these days and the simplest definition of it is that it is blogging out loud. Rather than writing our thoughts on a specific topic, you record them and then you...
  5. Reaping The Podcast Rewards

    by S. Housley - 2008-06-26
    Getting started with podcasting is a relatively inexpensive venture. The equipment and software required for podcasting is inexpensive for a business contemplating podcasting as a new marketing and co...
  6. Why Is Podcasting Hot?

    by - 2007-11-23
    If you've never heard of podcasting, then welcome to this new high tech world of audio and visual development of online media (or otherwise known as "new media"). New media, social media, blogging, po...
  7. Podcasting - Defining A Destination

    by - 2007-10-14
    Fred owns a small comedy label. He knows many comedians are looking for a place to have their work heard, but he can't take everyone on as a client.Two years ago he made the decision to develop a come...
  8. Reach Your Users With The Power Of Podcasting

    by Tony Bowles - 2007-06-14
    A podcast is a media file that is distributed over the internet for playback on portable players. The device used to receive the podcast can be an MP3 player, iPod or Windows Media player on a PC. RSS...
  9. How Does It Podcasting Work?

    by Paul Buckley - 2007-05-23
    The method of podcasting is actually very simple. First, a podcaster (i.e. a podcast publisher) would create an audio content, usually in mp3 or mp4 format, and then have it uploaded to a server. The ...
  10. Promoting Your Podcast

    by David King Jr - 2007-05-12
    The importance of promoting your podcast should never be underestimated. The creation of your podcast is only part of the work involved in being a podcaster. Promoting your podcast is just as importan...
  11. Creating A Podcast

    by David King Jr - 2007-04-16
    Creating a podcast is both simple and fun, and with a small amount of effort it can payoff for both yourself and your listeners. A podcast is simply a media file, which has uploaded to the Internet an...
  12. Podcasting Into Profits

    by David King Jr - 2007-04-16
    As podcasting continues to grow, the competition for subscribers/listeners will become increasingly intense. Charging listeners for your podcast will not be the true way to podcasting profits. Those w...
  13. Earning Income From Your Podcast

    by David King Jr - 2007-04-16
    Are you looking to earn money from your podcasting hobby? Do you own your own domain? Does your podcast have a website that you control? Are you directing traffic back to your site from your podcast's...