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  1. How Hawaiian Visitors to Las Vegas are Buying Vacation Ownership and Timeshare - To Enjoy Hawaii

    by Lori Wilk - 2007-05-20
    Most people find it interesting that one of the major destinations for Hawaiians is Las Vegas. They take a break from Paradise and all the tourists to go to the number one tourist destination in the w...
  2. What are Timeshares? - Better Understanding of What a Timeshare Offers

    by Keith Littlejohn - 2007-04-26
    Timeshares are your chance to secure your vacations at a luxurious resort year after year!Timeshares, by definition, is a type of ownership of a vacation property. It is a widely accepted model, by wh...
  3. Timeshare Exchange Information - Tips on Timeshares Exchange

    by Keith Littlejohn - 2007-04-26
    Worried about falling into a 'same time-same place' timeshare vacationing pattern? Break free with timeshare exchange!Many timeshare owners deposit their timeshares in a timeshare exchange company. Yo...
  4. Introduction to Timeshares - Home Away From Home

    by Keith Littlejohn - 2007-04-26
    Tired of spending more time planning your vacation every year than you spend on your vacation itself? Do you find yourself putting off that dream vacation just because you cannot decide where to go or...
  5. Exchange Holiday Homes

    by Clinton K. Maxwell - 2007-04-18
    All you need to participate in home exchange is a home! You need not have to compare values of the house or search for a swapping partner in the case of a home similar to yours. It just requires ident...
  6. Advice On How To Sell Time Share Property

    by Mike Taylors - 2007-04-12
    There comes a time in life when you need to reorganize your investments, refinance your debts or sell off some properties. At such times, you not only need adequate resources and tools, but also a car...
  7. Taking A Mini-Vacation With Timeshares Promotions

    by Amy Wells - 2007-04-04
    If you are looking for a fun mini-vacation at a deeply discounted price, you may want to consider taking advantage of the many timeshares that offer promotions. If you agree to attend a sales present...
  8. Help On Time Shares For Sale

    by Mike Taylors - 2007-03-15
    Time share market is growing day by day and people all around the world are into buying and selling of time shares. In such a situation, advertising websites play a very important role in offering mor...
  9. Timeshare Companies: What Are Their Positions in Channeling Timeshare Deals?

    by Anuar Malek - 2007-02-13
    Timeshares companies are companies that offer services regarding buying, renting, selling or reselling timeshares. Normally, you have to pay a membership fee and a transaction fee in order to make a t...
  10. Pros and Cons To Owning A Timeshare

    by Enid Edginton - 2007-02-13
    Before buying a timeshare you might want to consider the pros and cons of investing in this type of property -Pros -Timeshares are economical. Instead of buying a property and only using it for a coup...
  11. Timeshare Presentations-What to Act During and After Timeshare Presentation

    by Anuar Malek - 2007-02-02
    Timeshare presentations has become one of essential and effective method of advertisement and marketing for timeshare companies offering timeshare properties. Through timeshare presentations, opportun...
  12. Timeshare Alternative?

    by Fred K - 2007-01-18
    Everybody loves to travel and take vacations, but if you have four or more people in your family, it can be very costly every time you take a trip, especially on hotel or resort costs. Due to that, ma...
  13. Buy Timeshare Resale's

    by Ross Bainbridge - 2007-01-17
    Time-share is a well-planned and internationally accepted vacation arrangement. It is a "concept" that is sold to people in the form of a membership. Members are given an ownership of a particular re...
  14. Orlando Timeshare Vacations

    by Peter Emerson - 2007-01-17
    The toughest job before going on a vacation is the selection of a destination. During the selection procedure, Orlando, located in the state of Florida is a popular choice. The concept of timeshare va...