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  1. Causes Of Leukemia

    by greenherbal - 2008-11-05
    Leukemia causes are still unknown. In present, medical science isn't able to establish the specific leukemia causes. However, a strong connection between certain genetic factors and the development of...
  2. Information About Leukemia

    by greenherbal - 2008-11-05
    Leukemia is a disease that is considered to be life-threatening. It requires prompt intervention when discovered, in order to maximize the chances of recovering through specific treatment and therapy....
  3. Finally An Osteoporosis Prescription That Will Help Inhibit Bone Loss

    by CF Thompson - 2008-08-04
    Amgen NASDAQ: AMGN pharmaceutical company just announced positive performance results for denosumab Pivotal Postmenopausal Osteoporosis Trial. Trial met primary endpoint of Reducing new vertebral frac...
  4. Complete Information On Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia

    by Juliet Cohen - 2008-06-14
    Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML), too known as chronic myelogenous leukemia. Chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) is a slow-growing cancer of the light-colored blood cells. It is too sometimes called chro...
  5. Complete Information On Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

    by Juliet Cohen - 2008-06-14
    The chronic lymphocytic leukemia is the type leukemia. The leukemia either the leukemia are the blood or the marrow cancer and for the unusual proliferation (production description by multiplication) ...
  6. Use Of Cord Blood To Cure Leukemia

    by Kerwin A. Chang - 2007-08-13
    A three-year-old leukemia victim was given a life-saving infusion of her own cord blood, marking the first time a child with this disease served as their own blood donor, American doctors said.The lit...
  7. Mantle Cell Lymphoma-An Indolent Or An Aggressive Disease?

    by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-02-06
    Mantle cell lymphoma is a non-Hodgkin's lymphoma type of cancer and it represents affection of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system, as part of the immune system, helps fighting against infectio...
  8. Gleevec Therapy Method For Leukemia

    by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-02-01
    The therapy of chronic myeloid leukemia with Gleevec (Imatinib mesylate) began to be used in patients in 2001 and seemed to be real success. Since that time, a clinical study revealed the efficiency o...
  9. Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia in Children

    by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-01-27
    Cancer in any of its forms is known to the society as a condition of adults or elder persons; still it can occur at any age even during the care-free childhood period. Children diagnosed with cancer m...
  10. General aspects of Mantle Cell Lymphoma

    by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-01-27
    Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL) takes part to a group of cancers which affect the lymphatic system. This diseases are known as non-Hodgkin's lymphomas. The immune system is a part of the lymphatic system. ...
  11. Diagnosing Lymphoma

    by Jeremy Parker - 2007-01-22
    Lymphoma is one of the few types of cancer that can develop and grow in the body without an individual knowing and it is only when the cancer spreads around the body to other organs that obvious sympt...
  12. Monoclonal Antibody - Alternatives for Treating Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

    by Groshan Fabiola - 2007-01-20
    Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma or NHL is a serious affection which occurs due to the presence of B cells (B lymophocytes), a type of white blood cells which usually lead to severe complications such as tumors...
  13. Aspartame and the Increased Risks of Lymphoma Cancer

    by Groshan Fabiola - 2006-12-29
    According to the findings of a recent study conducted by the Cancer Research Center of the European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences in Bologna, Italy, the frequent use of aspartame c...
  14. What Is Lymphoma?

    by Jeff Kimball - 2006-12-04
    Most folks diagnosed with any type of cancer notice it hugely difficult to agree with their predicament. The typical reaction of patients and their family is disbelief of their disease. However, cance...
  15. The Pluck Factor

    by Carolina Fernandez - 2006-11-30
    Plucky (pluk'e) adj. Brave and spirited; courageous.Have you ever noticed how few people possess radiating energy? How eyes lack sparkle and how few real smiles there are out there? How almost no one ...