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  1. Scam Trap

    by Walter Spearheart - 2008-11-10
    As little and light as feather; a feeling as fine as silk; and much of nothing is this empty talk of mine yet many a man shall sort to dine.  Still many a man will gather; to seat in a tight cluster...
  2. Lawyers and Pirates

    by Edward Chupack - 2008-07-21
    I have been surprised since writing my novel, "SILVER -- My Own Tale As Told By Me With A Goodly Amount Of Murder", by a particular question that readers have asked and the frequency with which it ha...
  3. Gimme Blood and Tantrums Any Day

    by Tanya Jonker-bryce - 2008-07-14
    Forget about stale old yardsticks like commitment, team spirit or even individual brilliance. I like to think a professional athlete's true merit can be readily deduced not from how well they perform...
  4. Downhill With the Fixer-upper

    by Tanya Jonker-bryce - 2008-07-14
    Never get involved with a hoarder. No matter how much you love them, or how sincerely you believe you will be able to change their mouldy ways, don't do it. Trust me. It's a bank-guaranteed cheque fo...
  5. Why you Shouldn't Valet Park your Car

    by Michael Porfirio Mason - 2007-01-29
    This week we are going to address an email that was sent to The G Manifesto:"I wanted to let you know that I love the G Manifesto and all your advice. I dont mean to disrespect you but it seems like a...