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  1. Binti's Hope

    by SreeLakshmy - 2008-05-11
    Ramu was a farmer who was both hard working and a greedy man. His aim was to work hard and to make money. In his journey towards money he never cared his wife, Binti, nor his five children, three daug...
  2. Short Story - Protesters

    by Philip Spires - 2008-04-13
    A sharp closing of the door left the two men together yet alone, strangers, introduced merely seconds before. The older, taller of the two seemed to scrutinise the stockier new arrival for a few momen...
  3. Short Story - Strangers

    by Philip Spires - 2008-04-13
    We arrived more than two hours later than planned, but the west of England summer light had not yet faded even to dusk. A soft golden glow was just growing across the sunset, which had just tinged a f...
  4. Tips for Business Report Writing

    by Jennifer Burns - 2007-04-16
    A business report provides information for further business decision making process. A lot of people are thinking that business reports are uninteresting and dry. It is not true. For people who are da...
  5. Case Report Writing

    by Jennifer Burns - 2007-03-30
    Case report writing is a research of an unregistered earlier issue. It is usually used in the medical sphere. By writing a case report you communicate information received while doing thorough researc...
  6. Betrayal

    by Ashwini Ahuja - 2007-03-27
    Summer evening. 5 PM. Barber Bhagwan Dass closes down the shutters of his shop. He would see his friend Ram Dass today he decides. He would tell him everything, frankly. His every dilemma. Oh! Is to...
  7. Novel Writing, My True Story

    by Arthur L Burton Iii - 2006-12-31
    Novel Writing, My True StoryBy Arthur L Burton IIINovel writing begins with a thought, a vision, something that you see everyday like a sign or a person. In general, you need to have an idea for a Nov...